Top landscape lighting effects for your garden

Lighting plays a key role in landscape design. However, lighting should be used strategically to preserve the natural beauty. Rather than lighting the whole garden, which can look artificial, create pools of light around key features plants, trees or a water feature while balancing dark, unlit areas.Read the rest

How Landscape Lighting can Help your Home at Night

Whether it’s a Hollywood box office hit or an award-winning advertisement – it’s all about lighting. Light and dark – the two ever-entwined – can give you a magical effect when you learn how to use them. If you’re wondering how to give your home an external makeover without spending a lot of cash, consider these “light” ideas that give “heavy” benefits to your property:


Definitely not the least of a homeowner’s concerns, security is a big issue in this day and age.… Read the rest

Landscape Design for Peace and Relaxation

It’s no mystery that today’s professionals, parents and hard-working citizens look forward to peace and relaxation after a hard day’s work. With the chaos surrounding kid-filled homes, corporate politics, and financial difficulty, sometimes peace is more than a luxury–it’s a necessity.… Read the rest