Spring Inspiration For Your Outdoor Space

Now that spring is upon us, gardeners everywhere are planning for the season ahead as the tips of the first tulip leaves begin to poke through the newly planted greenery. Whether you’re planning a totally new look for spring or just a subtle tidy-up of your outdoor space, we hope this blog post will give you the inspiration you need for a beautiful spring garden.Read the rest

Get inspired by these illuminated water features

Whether you are already planning your next landscape design project or looking for some inspiration to get started, water features are a great garden addition to consider. We have selected some stunning fountain, pool, and waterfall ideas that are sure to add charm and serenity to your outdoor space.… Read the rest

Spotlighting ideas for your garden

Spotlights are a great way to draw focus to a specific area in your garden, whether it is a tree, bench, plant area or another element. As the fixtures are adjustable, they work on almost any garden design. Our directional lights can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted, and they come with a tree bracket for installation on tree trunks.… Read the rest