Lights that homeowners should showcase this autumn

While homeowners tend to get the most out of their outdoor spaces in the summer due to long daylight hours, cooler temperatures shouldn’t be the deciding factor that pushes you inside. Aside from layering up to take the chill off, showcasing the right type of low voltage LED lights will help to establish added visibility and embellish a more autumn mood. In this article, we will highlight our favorite fall lighting ideas so that you don’t need to wait until Halloween or Thanksgiving to start stylizing your surrounding areas for the season. 

Illuminate your entryways and doorways

Decorative lights are most appealing when they can be enjoyed by as many visitors as possible, which is why illuminating your entryways and doorways is a great way to get festive this fall. Aside from stringing some simple lights around the trim, you can also brighten these areas with some vibrant flood lights. These fixtures are featured in a wide variety of popular styles and can be incorporated to up light your entry and increase visibility. Another great recommendation for low voltage LED lights to illuminate this area includes step-deck fixtures. These circular, high-functioning lights are simple and organic, with the ability to direct the immediate ground area with vibrant light. Not only does this assist guests with finding your entryway but it also works as a tool to prevent accidents due to mis stepping. 

Brighten up those walkways

While illuminating walkways provide an aesthetic charm to outdoor paths, it also offers convenience for those who frequent said walkways. With the option to choose traditional path lights such as the small hat fixture and the choice to upgrade to something a bit more unique like the mushroom or pagoda fixture, you can utilize the power of low voltage LED lights to offer safety and elegance to your surrounding areas. The best part is that with the sun setting earlier in the day, you can enjoy the beauty of your updated lighting scheme for longer. 

Light up seasonal foliage

There’s no denying that autumn foliage just hits differently, with its vibrant, full-bodied colors. While the sun helps you to enjoy the beauty of the season during the day, your low voltage LED lights can accompany that beauty into the evening hours as well. Whether you set up in-ground fixtures pointing upwards, install lights on a tree branch, or place your fixtures inside a bush for added accent, the shadows and dark silhouettes are guaranteed to bring your foliage to a whole new level!

Don’t forget the fence lights

An overlooked outdoor lighting idea, fence lighting is the perfect way to outline the parameters of your property, adding depth to the scenery and offering just the right amount of illumination to allow your kids to play longer outside. While this is a great way to showcase your fence in autumn and winter, why not keep it up all year round and enjoy it?

Which idea are you most excited to try? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.