4 reasons you should update the lighting in your workplace

Since lighting sets the tone for any workspace by influencing the way that employees and clients feel, it’s important to update drab, outdated fixtures by replacing them with commercial outdoor LED lighting. Not only is proper lighting essential for productivity, with lots of psychological and physical benefits, but efficient indoor lighting also saves business and building owners money on electricity and reduces the impact on the environment. Here are four reasons you should consider upgrading your commercial outdoor LED lighting today!

Increases productivity 

Appropriate outdoor lights can drastically increase employee productivity, allowing people to feel more energized. This is especially important for the winter months when employees start and end their work days in the dark, as well as those who primarily work nightshift. 

*Note: While most of our light fixtures are designed for outdoor conditions, many are suitable for indoor spaces as well. 

Provides added safety and security 

Proper illumination does wonders for the safety and security of your business and/or building. Well-lit walkways and stairs allow employees and guests to safely navigate the area, diminishing their chance of misstepping and falling, resulting in an injury. In terms of injury prevention, commercial outdoor LED lighting also works well in a warehouse environment, where operating equipment requires ample lighting. Not only do operators need to be able to see where they’re going, but other employees require visibility to protect their eyes against long-term straining, which is incredibly damaging over time. 

In terms of security, a well-lit building and parking lot, including entrances, exits, and stairwells, adds immense security within the surrounding areas. This is because criminals and vandals don’t want to get caught and any increase in their visibility is a deterrent. 

In addition, LED lights are more vibrant than traditional incandescents, which means fewer fixtures are needed to light up the same space.

Reduces power consumption

Lighting a commercial building, both inside and outside, requires a significant amount of energy. That said, when a lighting scheme is updated to include commercial outdoor LED lighting, it provides brighter illumination at a fraction of the power usage of incandescent bulbs. Not to mention it also reduces your company or business’s impact on the environment alongside these significant financial savings. 

Save on maintenance and replacement costs 

Commercial outdoor LED lighting possesses a significantly longer lifespan than incandescent light bulbs and fixtures. This translates to needing to be replaced less often, which produces less waste and costs less money. LED bulbs and fixtures are also mercury free, making them safer and easier to recycle. 

Are you ready to update your commercial lighting? Drop a comment below to let us know if you need assistance in planning your order.