4 great ways to light up your summer swimming hole

Whether you own a backyard swimming pool or a business that features one, installing both surface and submersible lighting is a fantastic way to extend your swimming hours. By lighting up your pool area, it becomes a magical place at night, creating a resort-like setting that boasts vacation vibes. Not only is this a great feature to highlight the beauty of your home but with the right low voltage landscape lights, the surrounding areas become more inviting and vibrant, even if you aren’t inclined to take a dip. Listed below are four ways to light up your summer swimming hole with low voltage landscape lights from our online shop.

Swimming pool lighting

Activity in and around a swimming pool requires adequate lighting, especially for safety in places that may be slippery when wet. Aside from underwater lighting to illuminate your swimming area, in-ground well lights are also a great addition for the surrounding parameters. These low voltage landscape lights promote better visibility for when the sun goes down and since they sit at ground level, guests don’t need to be as mindful about tripping and damaging the fixture.

Moonlight your swimming pool

Similar to how the moon casts beams of light below, it’s very aesthetically pleasing to illuminate a pool from above. Directional lights can be mounted in trees or on roof gables, offering the illusion of moonlight. 

Highlight trees and plants

While directional lights are great for moonlighting your swimming pool, they can also be mounted on the ground pointing upwards. This allows you to highlight trees and plants, adding to the resort feel of having a lush landscape. As the vegetation grows, you can simply change the light bulb to adjust your lighting as needed. As an artistic way to penetrate illumination but also softly accentuate the details, directional lights are a top-seller.

Deck and stair lights around the swimming pool

Swimming pool areas often include steps to decks or patios. Lighting these areas is not only important for safety but it always makes it easy for people to navigate around spaces where obstructions aren’t as noticeable in the light at day. The best part is that step-deck lights are subtle enough that it isn’t too distracting. 

Summer isn’t over yet! How do you plan to illuminate your swimming pool? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.