How to avoid overloading your electrical grid this summer

While power outages aren’t often associated with summer, it should come as no surprise that they can happen any time of the year. Since electricity is shared within a community, your grid is tied to many other homes and businesses within your city. Although the weather is better throughout the summer months, keeping heaters down low, air conditioners are on in full force, combined with outdoor lighting and other electrical needs, the grids can still become overloaded and result in an inconvenient power outage. Listed below are some ways that you can help keep your usage low.

Reduce your phantom energy consumption

Phantom energy, also known as vampire energy, occurs when electrical power is being drawn from home appliances and electrical devices that are plugged in but not in use—televisions, laptops, gaming systems, toasters, coffee machines, etc. An easy way to reduce your energy consumption is to unplug any items that are not in use. That said, if you can’t remember to pull the plug, consider shutoff timers to reduce the energy drain.

Utilize natural light and turn off indoor lights that are not in use

It’s July and the sun is shining, so while you certainly need low voltage landscape lights at night, for the majority of the day you can enjoy the beauty of natural light. Not only is it free but its vibrancy allows you to open your blinds and keep indoor lights off.

Try to limit large appliance use during peak energy demand

If you’re experiencing a heatwave, you and everyone else are likely running the AC nonstop. So, we recommend avoiding running other large appliances—washing machines, dryers, and stoves—that may tip the circuit breaker. This is especially important during evenings and weekends when many people are at home. 

Upgrade to low voltage landscape lights

Exterior lights are a must any time of year. However, regular incandescent bulbs possess far higher operating costs, especially as the nights grow longer. By switching to low voltage landscape lights, you provide your surrounding areas superior illumination, while consuming less energy. It’s a win, win situation for home and business owners. 

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Upgrade your transformer

While transformers won’t help your electrical grid if it’s already overloaded, installing a new transformer can help to improve the overall efficiency and performance of your low voltage landscape lights. Reduce your energy consumption and your carbon footprint, while continuing to enjoy the benefits of outdoor lights throughout the summer months. 

We urge you to mind your energy consumption this summer, but also to stay cool and enjoy your outdoor spaces!

Do you have any tips for home and business owners to lower their energy consumption? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.