3 essential upgrades for summer entertaining

While many homeowners argue that the holiday season is the ultimate opportunity to get their annual gatherings in, the inviting warmth of summer welcomes an abundance of outdoor events. The best part is that great outdoors can include multiple areas such as the patio, an outdoor terrace, decks, or lush garden space. Once you’ve nailed the spot for your anticipated summer event, it’s time to move forward with the details. Here are three essential upgrades that you should consider if you plan to do some summer entertaining. 

Setup a drink bar for easy access to your refreshments 

The idea of a backyard bar is a dream for all entertainers and it’s the easiest way to transition guests from indoor environments to the great outdoors. The best part is that creating an outdoor bar is easy and it allows for the host to do their thing while also getting a chance to relax. Whether you build a permanent structure or set aside a table for all your bar fixings, there’s bound to be someone who wants to play bartender for the event! As for what you need, ditch the single-use cups and opt for some snazzy tumblers. They look great on the tabletops and add a fun touch. Don’t forget to set up a drink dispenser and fill it to the brim to save yourself the hassle of making individual drinks. Then grab yourself a cooler or some fancy ice buckets and stop them with bevies to keep your party going. This saves you the trouble of having to make an ice run and it will help to keep your guests cool from the summertime heat. 

Make a food menu and ensure that you have all the tools you need to prep and cook

Nothing says summer like BBQ, which is why we recommend shopping for fresh ingredients that taste delicious when grilled to perfection. This can include a variety of meat and seasonal vegetables. To top it off, make sure to grab some sweet and spicy glazes to capture that added flavor. If your event doesn’t take place at mealtime, popsicles are the perfect light snack to offer once everyone arrives. Aside from being easy to make yourself, they’re great for cooling off when temperatures are high. Lastly, it wouldn’t be summer without the warm glow of a nighttime fire. Whether you’re permitted to burn in an open fit or you opt for a fire table, smores should be a top priority for your summer menu!

Arrange portable seating and install lots of vibrant lights

Do you have enough seats on hand for your upcoming gathering? Whether you’re expecting a small, intimate group or a large family reunion, having folding chairs on hand is always great for a varying guest list. If you host frequently, it’s worth purchasing and storing your seating, however, if this is a one-time deal, it’s more cost-efficient to rent and have your seating dropped off before the event. Aside from providing comfy seats for your guests to rest, when the sun goes down, it’s important to have some outdoor light fixtures that can provide a magical ambience for your outdoor soiree while also providing much-needed illumination for navigating around. While candles are great for something small, outdoor light fixtures offer a more permanent solution, without the need to setup and re-install for every party. 

Is your outdoor space equipped for summer entertaining? Let us know which outdoor light fixtures are best suited for your illuminative areas.