Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting has been a part of every yard as a means of improving aesthetic, security, and adding life to one’s outdoor place. However, not every household owner knows much about lighting fixtures, electrical requirements, and other things to consider to buy only the best fixtures out there. In this blog, we’ll simplify things and help you choose the right outdoor lighting for you that will suit your personal preferences.

Durability and Lifespan

Before anything else, it’s crucial to know that you are getting your money’s worth by purchasing a durable lighting fixture. This is extremely important, especially since you’re going to be using these fixtures outdoor and will be exposed to weather conditions. Looking for outdoor lighting built to withstand unpleasant environments is your best bet if you want to avoid replacing them just a few months after installation. Thinking twice about the lifespan and quality of your purchase will save you a ton over the years as you won’t have to worry about repair and finding replacements all the time. The common indicators you should look out for are UL dry, UL wet, and UL damp ratings. These ratings will help you gauge whether the fixtures are built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Size of Your Fixture

Since you’ll be illuminating a much larger area, outdoor lighting is usually larger than indoor lighting. The size of your lighting fixture will matter once you consider where you’ll be placing them. Before making any purchase, understanding where exactly where you’ll position the fixture helps you to avoid making any mistakes and purchasing unnecessary lighting fixtures. It all goes back on the planning and sketch, if you already have a plan, an excellent way to be a lot more accurate is also to include the ideal size of the fixture you’ll be needing.

Style and Design

Do you already have a theme? If not, it’s probably best to have one before purchasing any lighting fixture. Something that looks good individually might not feel the same once you’ve mixed all your lighting fixtures as a whole. Having a theme is always helpful to gauge a pattern when it comes to style and design and easily foresee what fits and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, how your outdoor landscape lighting should totally depend on your personal preferences, so go on and explore different styles that would fit your liking.

Energy Consumption

Before spending all your hard-earned money on buying landscape lighting, another vital thing to consider is energy consumption. Since lighting has been around for years now, there has been a lot of improvement made, and one of those things is how it uses electricity. Using LED Low Voltage Lighting for your outdoor landscape will substantially save you from monthly electric bills for years to come. Fortunately, most households have already made the switch as they’ve seen the big difference in energy efficiency, so you can easily find good sources online.

Light Intensity

Too much of everything is never good, and the same goes to outdoor lighting. You want something that would add life to your outdoor space but not to the extent where it strains the eyes and even your neighbors would complain to the brightness of your yard. Understanding the best places to position your lighting fixtures also helps to avoid this kind of problem. Different lighting fixtures are built with varying intensities or others might call lumens. Before making any purchase, check to see what’s best for you and your preferences so you won’t end up returning the products.

Purpose of Application

There are different types of outdoor lighting which have varying purposes. The point of purchasing them is not just for the sake of buying but for their functionality, added design and depth to your outdoor space. Understanding the purpose and functionality of each type would help you in planning the quantity, positioning and perfect balance to have a holistic type of feel at your landscape lighting system. For example, if you have a pretty dark walkway, you might benefit from adding more path lighting as it will illuminate as well as add safety during night to prevent accidents. However, if you have a fairly small walkway and want to make your pond the focal point of your landscape system, doubling down on well lightings might be the best for you. Intentionality is essential as not all outdoor landscapes look the same. It’s also a great way to highlight the best features of your outdoor space.

Brand Reputation

Like yourself, many other people have dealt with the same situation wherein they have no idea where to find the products that are worth purchasing. A brand with excellent reviews and a good reputation is a good way to gauge whether they are making worthy products. With landscape lighting, you won’t only need one product but a whole set of different fixtures and other pieces of equipment to make it work. So it’s best to find a one-stop shop that you genuinely trust to source everything you’ll need in one place.


Finding the right landscape lighting fixture shouldn’t be hard if you already know what you’re looking for. These factors mentioned above are only guides as to what you should be looking for in finding suitable fixtures so you won’t regret any purchase. Since you’re looking for the most reliable lighting fixtures online for outdoor use, we recommend you check out our selections here at Best Pro Lighting. You’ll find everything that you need related to outdoor lighting, such as Path Lighting, Directional Lighting, LED Bulbs, Transformers, and more!