Questions to Ask Your Outdoor Lighting Designer

Building the landscape of your dreams isn’t as far from reality as you may think. You just have to talk to the right people and seek their expertise so that you can finally enjoy that lovely outdoor space of yours. Generally speaking, professional outdoor lighting designers should know what they’re talking about regarding their expertise. Still, like any other job, you won’t be sure how they operate in their work and would they be suitable for your needs.

By asking the right questions, you’ll have a slight grasp on how they operate, and you’ll be able to assess which one you would pick, assuming that you’ve contacted multiple lighting designers. We’ve cited some of the best questions to ask your outdoor lighting designer in this blog.

How long have you been in the industry of outdoor lighting design?

Landscape lighting is not just all about visuals. You would have to have comprehensive knowledge of placements, electrical wirings, cable management, and many other factors for outdoor lighting. With that being said, experience is a significant determining factor in how deep they understand the task and can pull through various circumstances by utilizing their personal experiences. Although years of experience don’t automatically predict competence, it’s still a reasonable parameter.

Can I see some of the projects you worked on with your previous clients?

Not every contractor would agree to show their work to previous clients due to confidentiality. However, it is still worth asking for some sample projects they might have at hand to see if you’re interested in making that happen in your outdoor landscape. Think of it as asking about their portfolio and the work they have to show for, convincing them that they are suitable for the task. If they have a website or social media profiles, scrolling through some reviews is also an excellent way to research whether their previous clients are happy about their services or not.

How much do you usually charge for your services?

Pricing usually happens in contract signing or when you already have a plan sorted out, but having an idea of how much they typically charge for their services will also help gauge whether you’re in the same ballpark. Outdoor Lighting Designers will vary in their pricing depending on the perceived value of their services but knowing that you are sticking around the budget you set forth towards enhancing your landscape is a must. Be skeptical about the cheapest services, but that doesn’t also mean you always have to go for the most expensive option. Compare each term and its pricing, and see what best fits you and your goals.

Do you provide regular maintenance services?

Designing a plan and installing your outdoor lighting fixtures does not mean the job will end there. These lighting fixtures will need regular maintenance if you want to keep them nice and sleek for your outdoor space. Choosing a contractor that also offers routine maintenance is always a good choice as they will have a more in-depth idea of your placements, what fixtures they used, and the necessary maintenance work to be done. You’ll also likely have discounts instead of hiring separate contractors for maintenance.

Is there a way you could implement a lighting system while also saving energy for us?

Like low voltage led lighting systems, there are many ways to eliminate high costs when it comes to outdoor lighting. Mentioning this to your potential outdoor lighting designer will let them know that saving from energy costs is a priority for you. They might have solutions to implement that will benefit your goals.

How long does a landscape lighting project usually take?

This might not be an issue for stay-at-home owners, but for those who have a very tight schedule to work with, it’s wise to ask how long their previous projects usually take before finishing. Speed shouldn’t be a huge factor compared to the quality of their output; however, understanding how much time is needed for the whole project to finish lets you plan on adjusting your schedule to be more active and see how they work on your landscape.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a suitable outdoor landscape lighting contractor is not easy, but it’ll undoubtedly be worth it once you find the right people to work with. With these questions, you’ll be able to have more grasp on what they can offer and use it to gauge whether you want to hire them or not. Regardless of your chosen contractor, having the best quality lighting fixtures is a must if you want them to work smoothly as possible. Check out Best Pro Lighting for the best landscape lighting supplies!