Garden Landscaping Tips for Spring Time

Look Out for Winter Lawn Damage

There’s no question that the wintertime right before the spring season is a rough time for your outdoor landscape as extreme weather conditions could affect your lawn quite severely. Snow Molds is a common lawn issue that you should look out for in preparation for the springtime. These fungi may tend to look like melted snow, so you would have to brush through your grass. Otherwise, it would affect other parts of your lawn and spread. A simple way to brush them off is raking away damaged grass and re-seeding bare patches.

Testing Your Garden Soil

Every healthy garden needs healthy soil. Keeping your ground in a good state is what makes a genuinely vibrant-looking outdoor landscape. Why so? It’s because your soil needs to have the capability to provide your plants with a proper amount of diverse nutrients, therefore growing at an optimal state. There are various ways to test your soil, but the whole point of measuring it is to find out its Ph level, acidity, texture, and what could be done to improve its current state. Although it’s only recommended to test your soil every 3-5 years, it’s good to do this in preparation for the springtime so you could expect your garden to flourish right when it’s needed.

Time to Start Edging

Sloppy lawns don’t always mean that your landscape is lacking. Most of the time, adding structure should do the trick. Having borders and separation between your property and walkways significantly impacts your garden’s aesthetic look and feel. How you do this is through using the simple strategy called Edging. It’s the point of creating some separation, whether through cutting your grass in lines or using some materials to use as borders. Creating edges to your lawn improves your garden aesthetically and keep your grass in place, helping with functionality.

Fertilize Your Grass

Applying fertilizers is like taking up vitamins for humans. It gives your grass the proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Fortunately, right before your lawn becomes more vibrant, early springtime is an excellent time to apply fertilizers. Simply applying fertilizer could be done by hand; however, a spreader is more recommended to keep it evenly balanced and proportionally spread throughout your plants. In this process, remember is to water your lawn a few days before applying fertilizer to ensure it isn’t suffering from drought stress.

Spring Season is Good for Growing Some Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most valuable perks about having your landscape is the capability to grow your food right outside your doorstep! No one could attest to the quality of homegrown foods as these are plants you know you took care of properly at your lawn, and apparently, the spring season is a great time to add some fruits and vegetable crops to your yard. 

Consult with Professional Landscaper

Most landscapers take pride in doing things their way and learning from DIY tips online like this blog. However, not many people realize how much knowledge a person with more experience can impart, and asking for help could significantly improve your whole outdoor landscape. It doesn’t always require a big project before consulting with a professional. Simply asking for design ideas functionality-wise suggestions could be a game-changer to your lawn in preparation for the good-old spring season. Designing and maintaining your yard is a tedious yet satisfying project, and it would not hurt to ask for help from time to time.

Perfect Time for Pruning

Have you ever seen a symmetrically aesthetic landscape? You’d be glad to know that you could achieve this type of look too for your garden using the strategy called Pruning. This activity is done for plants to give a proper shape & direction on how it grows. The excellent part about plants is how they can regenerate and how you could make some tweaks to impact how it develops. Pruning consists of removing dangerous limbs and shaping your plants into a more aesthetically pleasing form. This is an easy way to improve your curb appeal, at the same time, maintain your plant’s health and condition.

How’s Your Irrigation System?

This is a crucial tip, especially heading onto a warmer climate, to inspect whether your irrigation system is properly working or if the water is efficiently spread throughout your lawn to keep them nice and fresh. It’s also helpful to know that early morning watering is the best time to ensure that they absorb water much more effectively. Under and Over-Watering is a serious issue to consider, so you were coming up with an irrigation system that gives your plants just enough watering to keep them healthy for the spring season.

Outdoor Landscape Fixtures

Suppose wintertime is more about keeping your “lawn in order” and preventing significant damage from extreme weather conditions. In that case, springtime, on the other hand, is precisely the perfect time to try out your outdoor landscape inspirations and bring those decorative ideas to life. Spring season is the best time to hang out on your lawn, and you would want to make your landscape in its top condition for you and your loved ones to enjoy and have a wonderful experience. You do this by incorporating landscape furniture and landscape lighting to spice up your whole space, making it more pleasing to the eye perfect for barbecuing on the weekends.

Take Advantage of the Spring Weather and Grow Some Plants

Many factors are considered for plantings, such as weather conditions, type of plants, temperature, light, and many more. Fortunately, you get the best of both worlds during springtime as your plants would have water, light, warmth, and longer days, which are optimal for them to grow. However, it is essential to note what plants you are going for and are they susceptible to the kind of weather you are currently in to prevent wastage. Native Plants are best to start as these are acclimated to your area and require minimal care.

Get Inspired!

Spring Time is your time to shine when it comes to your outdoor landscape. Find unique ways to enhance your outdoor deck, patio, walkways and make every day feel like an extravagant party. Getting inspired through design ideas helps you develop your style and personalize your landscape to your liking. Don’t be afraid to try out new things that you think will alleviate your whole space, such as string bulb lightings, flush lightings, decorative furniture, and more!