5 unique light fixtures that boast the aesthetics of your home or business

When wanting to create a fine outdoor space, mindful landscape lighting is an effective way to highlight specific design elements while also creating a beautiful ambiance. While string lights, candles, and a burning fire can be soothing additions to your surrounding areas, why should you restrict yourself to boring, run-of-the-mill installations? Instead, we’re here to provide you with a few unique light fixture options that will illuminate your outdoor spaces by creating a visually appealing oasis in your backyard, front yard, porch, deck, patio, or shop entrance. 

Pagoda light fixtures 

Mimicking the look of an Asian tiered tower with multiple eaves, our signature pagoda light fixtures feature a wide brim, three-tiered structure with a ground mounting post. These modern outdoor light fixtures are perfect for illuminating paths and walkways alongside added vibrancy in garden beds and planters. Aside from providing home and business owners light that can’t be beaten, our high-quality pagoda lights come in LED and voltage with rust and black color finishings, giving options to pair them with the surrounding outdoor features. We promise that if you opt for pagoda lights they will be the ultimate backyard conversation starters!

Mushroom light fixtures 

Here’s another modern outdoor light fixture that imitates something in real life—the mushroom light! Contemporary yet quirky, the mushroom light is exactly what it sounds like: a funghi-shaped inspired light fixture that features an aesthetic hat to provide illuminative coverage. Considered the architectural marvel of backyard and business patio lights, this modern outdoor fixture is fun, vibrant, and downright mystical with a practical beam of vibrancy to allow for ample visibility. Use it as a trendy path light or boast your commercial property by adding more installations. 

Small hat light fixtures 

Contrary to popular belief, a small hat light doesn’t clip onto any sort of headgear, instead, it nestles snuggly in your garden! So, if you’re fond of the popular mushroom light, the small hat light fixture is simply a mini version with a cute button top. Small but mighty, this modern outdoor light fixture is powerful enough to illuminate your driveway, brighten your deck and patio areas, or simply add that little twinkle for those looking at it in awe from inside out. 

Bullet directional light fixtures

This very popular lighting choice is a great addition for those looking to add accent lighting to their yards or storefronts. Manufactured with an assortment of designs, bullet directional light fixtures allow you to aim at closeup or faraway objects by simply choosing to spotlight a very narrow beam or widely diffused beam of light. This can be done by rotating the fixture or changing the type of bulb. The main reason for such excitement around this category of outdoor lights is the wide variety available, with square flood style, circular bullet, modern bullet, and up light low voltage, home and business owners have lots of choices and can select modern outdoor light fixtures that appease the eye and their signature taste. 

Pond light fixtures

While these modern outdoor light fixtures aren’t quite as versatile as some of our other options, they serve an aesthetic purpose by providing vibrancy to your outside water features. Whether you choose to add pond lights to the side of your water fountain or fully submerge and install a few fixtures in your koi pond for nighttime enjoyment, these fixtures are designed to get wet and still have the same long life span as other signature choices! 

While we love every single light fixture we carry, we do understand that many customers have preferences. Which of the above five fixtures are you most excited to order and install?