The 3 most practical fixtures for any commercial space

Outside view of a commercial building at night

Under-lighting the outdoor area of commercial spaces to save money is detrimental in many ways—insufficient light to perform duties, unable to see when navigating property, etc.—which is why we always recommend over-lighting to ensure that illumination serves its purpose in the environment. Whether you’re looking to improve the safety, security, or ambiance of your establishment, all of the above can be achieved through commercial outdoor lighting. 

What are commercial lights and what are they used for?

While there are fixtures better suited for indoor environments, Best Pro Lighting fixtures are built to withstand the great outdoors. That said, commercial lighting is lights that are used in the surrounding areas of business spaces such as offices, stores, universities, hospitals, and government buildings. Essentially, if the structure is not used for industrial, manufacturing, or residential, it’s a commercial space. 

Commercial outdoor lighting is used for the safety of those who’re working at or visiting the building, the security of the structure during non-business hours, and to provide an aesthetic during night-time hours. The more fixtures you have, the better the safety, security, and charm of the building’s surrounding spaces. 

Directional fixtures for commercial outdoor lighting

Directional light fixtures, otherwise known as floodlights, are specifically designed to light up large areas like entrances, parking lots, and decks. They operate by “flooding” an area with light based on the direction of their installation, which can produce up to 120-degrees. 

Directional light fixtures work well as commercial outdoor lighting sources because they provide lots of light to both up-close and far away areas, helping patrons navigate their way to the establishment and deterring crime from taking place on the property, but they also look brilliant at night! With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can check all of your must-have boxes with a directional lighting purchase! 

Path-Area fixtures for commercial outdoor lighting

Path-Area fixtures allow people to walk at night safely in conditions where there is low or no natural light. Rather than illuminating walkways with floods of light, which is not as alluring aesthetically, you can provide localized pools of lower light on the ground where the eyes need it most. 

Businesses also use path-area fixtures in online garden areas, which add a lot of charm in addition to the night sky. Like our selection of fixtures described above, we carry a huge assortment of colors and styles so that you can consider both practicality and elegance in your decision.

Well fixtures for commercial outdoor lighting 

Well fixtures are concealed attachments that are installed at ground level rather than with a stake above ground. These fixtures provide the ability to up-light an area, highlighting architectural features of a business or commercial area, along with landscape features like trees, plants, and fountains. This type of commercial outdoor lighting also proves to be more durable than some fixtures because it’s less exposed to the elements. In addition, well lights are less of a tripping hazard than other fixtures. 

While well lights are not able to provide as much vibrance as other lighting options, they’re incredibly versatile and popular for commercial outdoor lighting. Choose from two types of high-quality well lights, one set built for ground installation with the other set made specifically for submerging in ponds and other water sources.

Does your commercial space need some illumination? Drop a comment below to let us know which categories of lighting you’re most excited to install?