25 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Ideas

Low Voltage Lightings are known for their features, but little did people know that the simplistic approach of these lighting fixtures is ideal for adding depth and character to your landscape in multiple different ways.

Here, we’re going to help you out on some creative ways to incorporate low voltage lighting to make your landscape stand out from the rest, featuring 25 Low Voltage Lighting Ideas that you can use as inspiration for your outdoor lighting!

Glowing Effect Behind Plants

Ever wonder how to achieve that glowing light effect? Simply hide your garden lightings behind plants and you’ll be able to create a mystical illusion of glaring glow that looks so beautiful especially at night. Creative Lighting strategies like this is what would truly separate your outdoor landscape from the rest.

Directional Lighting Towards Walls

Create art through shadows. This is what you can do with placing directional lighting facing through your walls. Beaming shadow patterns will add texture to your landscape and help you showcase your creative flare to your guests. Play around the position of your lighting fixture until you find the look you’re trying to achieve.

Modern Walkway Step and Path Lighting

Simple yet elegant is what this feature can achieve with such minimal lighting fixtures. Enhance your walkway in a whole another level by incorporating strategic step lighting patterns complimented by path lighting fixtures for added security and vibrance.

Romantic Warm Scenery through Lightings

Outdoor Lighting is not about what you have, it’s about what you can do with what you have. What you can notice in this image is that you won’t have sight of any lighting fixture yet they are all properly placed to achieve their role of not just illuminating but also enhancing the whole scenery of the space, which is clearly effective in this example. This is an inspiration of what you can achieve through low voltage lightings in your own landsacape.

Single Hanging Bulbs for Mellow Vibe

Single Light Bulbs does create a simplistic yet mellow vibe, perfect for dates, romantic evenings and even intimate gatherings. Subtle lighting changes could make a huge impact without needing too extravagant lightings. Understanding what you’re trying to go for helps you navigate and browse through inspirational ideas like this and find what’s best for you and your outdoor space.

Subtle Step Deck Lighting on Stairs

Step Deck Lighting will compliment your whole outdoor scenery if appropriately done, just like how this featured image executed a simple yet creative way of illuminating stairs by placing step lights on the side of each step for decoration purposes as well as safety.

Hanging Tree Lanterns

Hanging lanterns will set your outdoor landscape apart from the rest as they are unique, stylish, and, most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. If you’re not much of a fan of string lights, hanging subtle glowing lanterns would be perfect for you to achieve spectacular scenery. Lanterns are energy efficient, easy to install, and an ideal addition to your landscaping design.

Low Voltage Pond Lighting

Landscape ponds are supposed to make your whole space feel more vibrant and alive. Just like this lively deck space in the featured image, they did a great job capitalizing on illuminating the pond which then shifts the whole scenery into a whole another level. This is something you should be able to do by yourself as well through Underwater Pond Lightings.

Mystical Walkway Path Lighting

Imagine walking into a garden landscape without proper path lighting, and look at this image on how it makes everything better for added convenience, safety, and overall vibe and feel. The decoration is one thing, and functionality is another. Good thing Low Voltage Lightings can do both.

Low Voltage Directional Pool Lighting

Do you have a pool? This is also an excellent opportunity for creative decorations. This featured image is much like how the pool is illuminated by directional lighting, creating glowing effects for added flare into your beautiful space.

Classic Mounted Lighting by the Door

There’s a reason why this style of mounted outdoor lighting by the door or entrance at houses is called classic. They make your home much more elegant and instantly add depth to your whole outdoor design. Ensuring that you capitalize on these simple yet effective lighting hacks will separate your landscape from the rest.

Mounted Spotlight at the Deck Roof

Mount your spotlights at the deck roof to create an ideal down time-space with family or friends at your house. This proves that you don’t have to be too critical with outdoor lighting, as simple tweaks and changes could already make a huge difference.

Lively Lit Up Deck Spot

Notice how well executed low-voltage lighting could look like in this elegant house deck space. It goes to show how much coordinated lighting fixtures impact the whole scenery and vibe of your outdoor space. Whether you’re going for an intimate, relaxing or any vibe, appropriately align your lighting plans to achieve the scenery you’re trying to achieve.

Step Lights Under Trees

Are you thinking of a creative yet subtle way to illuminate your trees? Why don’t you try this method of placing step deck lights under the tree so you can uplight them at night? This creates a shadowy yet lovely effect that showcases your tree and plant fixtures in your outdoor landscape. As long as you’re making a better look for your outdoor space, you’re doing the right thing.

Hanging Flood Lights at the Roof

Another common placement for flood lights to get the most out of their potential is hanging them through the roof. This way, you’ll get to cover more base as your lighting fixture is elevated and with the amount of lighting a flood light could product, you’ll never have to worry about dimness at night anymore.

Alternate Walkway Directional Lighting

Suppose you have a very dark walkway at the entrance or outside your house, illuminating them through alternate side-by-side directional lighting for true radiance for security and convenience, especially at night time. Notice how the lightings are strategically positioned in the image, so every space is covered through the whole area.

Low Voltage Lighting as Decorative Piece

What most people love about Low Voltage Lightings, aside from it being “low-voltage” and added saving features, is the simplistic finish that makes it an excellent decorative piece as is. Don’t hesitate to try out different lighting fixtures to find what suits your lovely outdoor landscape space best.

Abstract Landscape Lantern Positioning

There are no rules for outdoor decoration, as long as it makes you much more beautiful, just like this random placement of landscape lanterns throughout the space. This shows that sometimes, not following a particular pattern could also be a pattern.

Highlight Your Plants through Path Lighting

What’s good about Path Lighting is that they cover a broad area. This means they are also excellent in highlighting your garden fixtures without trying too much. Having this type of lighting in your outdoor space lets, you showcase more of your plants, trees, and other elements in your landscape that no one would’ve ever noticed before.

Glowing Pond Lighting

There’s something about ponds that makes them more susceptible in lightinhting fixtures. Simply incorporating pond lighting at your outdoor pond let’s you achieve a whole different vibe with such minor tweaks. Check  out theses kind of lighting at Best Pro Lighting today!

Step Deck Pair Lighting

If you’re feeling like being more creative, this beautiful Step Deck Pair Lighting is a worthy low voltage lighting to inspire you on enhancing your outdoor landscape. Notice how different it looks when you place two parallel deck lighting on the steps and how you could have so many variations to try depending on your preferences.

Security Flood Lights at Night Time

Outdoor Lightings are lovely decorative pieces. However, one of the best ways about them is their ability to add much more security to your outdoor space. The subtle illumination of low voltage floodlights is more than enough to light up your whole outdoor space to keep yourself from intruders.

Lovely Outdoor Deck with String Light Bulbs

Notice how the subtle hanging string light bulbs complimented this outdoor deck look at its finest. You can see how much strategic lighting could have so much impact even with minor tweaks and differences through proper positioning. Outdoor Lighting doesn’t always have to be about more, in fact less is actually more, when you know what you’re doing.

Small Low Voltage Path Lighting and Flowers

If you have beautiful plantations and flowers in your outdoor landscape, ensure that you get the most out of them by placing a small low-voltage path lighting on their side. It does an excellent job in accentuating your lovely flowers and adds character to your whole outdoor space.

Hanging Low Voltage Bulb Strings Lights

One of the easiest ways to achieve intimate scenery, ideal for a romantic evening or even family gatherings, hanging your low voltage bulbs as string lights should be a must-try for you! Simply connecting single bulbs through a connector should quickly get the job done and achieve this outdoor look.