60 Deck Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Whether you’re having some friends over at your house or looking planning on a bbq with your family, having an excellent deck ambiance is always a good idea. When it comes to glowing up your deck area, setting up some creative lighting systems is the best way to showcase your outdoor space. 

If you’re having trouble deciding how you should light up your deck, you’re just in the right place. Here are 60 Deck Lighting Ideas you could try to provide a pleasant environment for you and your guests!

Cove Lights On CeilingCove Lighting and Sunset Deck

Suppose you have a vast ceiling at your deck. Installing cove lights is a good lighting idea to achieve a subtle and diffused illumination. This clean is a clean setup where the lighting fixture is actually hidden, and the only thing you’ll see is the glowing light coming from the lighting.

Hanging Your String Light Bulbs cozy deck with string lights

Light bulbs are versatile yet straightforward and elegant. It doesn’t matter whether you’re preparing for a brunch or a dinner date. It just goes with every occasion. Plus, it’s a piece of cake to achieve. You can hang them on trees, roofs, or just about any high ceiling you have.

Warm and Cozy Deck Spa

What’s good about decks? You can achieve whatever atmosphere you are trying to go for. With a few lighting tricks, your deck could turn into a cozy deck spa perfect for unwinding on your rest day.

Wallflower Lighting Decorations

Are you feeling a little bit creative? Try these beautiful wooden wallflower lighting designs at your deck. This one is undoubtedly a neck turner, and you’ll get a lot of lovely compliments from your guests for such beautiful scenery.

Utilize Downlighting for Your Design Pieces 

If you have wall paintings, figurines, lovely art pieces, illuminate through downlighting to accentuate and highlight them. It is generally used for general lighting, although it could also be a very versatile piece once you get creative on it.

Cozy Wine Night at the Deck 

There’s nothing more intimate than a lovely and cozy wine night at your place by the deck. With a little bit of champagne and subtle lighting fixtures, you could have a fantastic time with your loved ones without having to go out of your home.

Mount Exterior Outdoor Sconces at Your Walls

Want to achieve instant depth and personality in your deck space? Mounting a Classic Exterior Sconces at your walls should do the trick! Not only does it adds extra security, but it also enhances your outdoor space’s whole visual architecture.

Lowkey Deck Chill Night 

Adding lighting doesn’t always need to be extravagant. It could also be as cozy as having a chill beer night while socializing with your friends. Hang your string lightings at your patio umbrellas, and you’re good to go!

Intimate Family Dinner Night Vibe

String Lights are on-trend when it comes to outdoor decorations. This is because of their pleasant vibe, ease of use, and the number of different atmospheres you could achieve with just a few tweaks. The next time you’re hosting a family dinner, surprise them by re-creating this lighting design at your deck.

Elegant Deck PartyHuge Deck Place with Elegant Fireplace

Are you trying to impress your guests? There’s nothing more elegant than cozy natural lighting coming from a fireplace, then uplight your visible plants and trees for a sweet glow, plus a subtle lighting fixture on the side. 

Modern Pond Lighting by the Deck

Having a pond at your deck creates many pond lighting opportunities for you! Don’t make the common mistake of dull ponds without proper lighting. Pond Lighting gives the illusion of a mystical vibe that will surely enhance your deck experience.

Illuminate Your Stairs through Step Deck Lights

Besides having a safe stairway for you and your guests at night time, these lovely step deck lights will give a whole lovely vibe to your deck space. It is simple yet as elegant as it could be when properly installed.

Modern Fixtures and Lighting Your Trees

Nature and lighting, without a doubt, blends. Channel your creative juices and find clever ways to blend your lighting fixtures with outdoor plants and trees to achieve this elegant modern deck space.

Evening Downtime at the Deck

Sure having a lot of lighting creates a beautiful vibe, especially at night; however, you don’t have to have that much lighting all the time. Just having the essentials, such as subtle path lighting fixtures on the side, is already more than enough to achieve this lovely evening downtime at the deck.

Illuminate Your Deck Through Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor Lanterns are great for achieving a magical atmosphere with a hint of a warm type of vibe. It’s incredible how a simple fixture such as adding lanterns could effortlessly enhance the whole deck space.

Hanging String Lights Under the Roof

Even as simple as hanging string lights under your roof can make a massive difference in the whole vibe of your deck space. String lights are ideal for channeling that holiday feels, even without special occasions.

Lovely Patio Deck Brunch

You don’t always have to have the most spacious outdoor deck to achieve outstanding scenery. With a simple touch of string lights mounted flush lightings, you could turn your deck into your favorite go-to brunch spot with your friends!

Multicolored Night Barbeque Party 

Having a barbeque party and drinks with some guests can be upscaled by installing multicolored lighting fixtures to the whole space. Placing them underneath plants and fixtures creates a subtle glow ideal for a night party.

Vintage Decorative Lights

You don’t have to stick with the typical general lightings that everyone is using. Finding statement pieces such as vintage decorative lightings is what truly separates a sophisticated outdoor deck space from the ordinary. Add personality by finding pieces you would love to see when you walk around your deck.

Vacation by the Deck

Ever feel like wanting to feel that resort vacation vibe, but you weren’t feeling like going outdoors? No problem! You could achieve that through warm flush lightings and a little bit of imagination!

Subtle Wooden Deck Lighting

If you’re more like the minimalistic type of person, this type of lighting design should be perfect for you! While certain lightings add flair to your deck space, you don’t have to own all the types of different lightings to make a difference.

Light Up Your Deck Roof

The key to achieving excellent outdoor lighting is the creativity to try out different spots for your lighting fixtures and find what’s best for your space. Certainly, mounting your lightings behind your deck roofs not only highlights your lovely deck roofs but also adds extra security at night time.

Cozy Star Effect Lightings

It cannot get any cozier than this star effect decoration at the ceiling of your deck space. This type of warm scenery is perfect for hanging out and socializing with some friends while enjoying the whole vibe of your outdoor space.

Wooden Step Deck Lit Up

Beautiful wooden deck stairs deserve to be lit up by glowing step-deck lightings. It keeps your guests safe from tripping and creates a warm subtle beam of light that adds personality to your deck space. 

Deck Recessed Lighting

The great thing about recessed lighting is that it makes a room or space feel bigger. It provides subtle yet elegant lighting without taking up any space, perfect for decks with ceilings. With the combination of appropriate lighting fixtures, you could create a lovely deck atmosphere with this simple Deck Recessed Lighting.

Luminous Light LED Balls

Experimenting with different lighting fixtures is an excellent method in understanding the style you want to portray. These Luminous Light LED Balls are creative enough to make light up your deck experience with a sweet, warm glow coming from the fixture.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Deck Lights

Suppose you’re trying to achieve an eco-friendly space with a subtle hint of lighting fixtures. You should try this bamboo-inspired lighting design for your deck. Have an attractive spot while winding down at night time.

Romantic Scenery Deck Lighting

Are you going for a romantic type of scenery for a date with your loved ones? Surprise them with the sweet gesture of preparing your deck space and turning it into your newest favorite date spot! 

Style Your Deck with Edison Bulbs

There’s just something about the retro style of Edison Light Bulbs that makes that elevates the cozy vibe of your whole deck space. If you’re looking to illuminate and add flair to your outdoor deck, make sure to try incorporating Edison bulbs to create the best experience!

Shadow Wall Light Fixtures

Outdoor Lighting success is all about creativity, and there’s nothing more creative than using the lights to create patterns and shapes from its shadows to add flair into your deck’s visual architecture. Illuminating your deck space while creating beautiful shade glows off the walls.

Dim Vibe Elegant Deck Lighting

If you’re trying to achieve down-time, subtle warm lighting could significantly help in creating a certain vibe you’re trying to go for. Just like this simple down bulb lightings with a touch of step deck lights at the side of the platform. Strategically spacing them along with each other lets you achieve a warm glow without having too much glare from fixtures.

Parallel Step Lightings for Modern Scenery

Whether you have a large deck space or small, you could definitely achieve this inspirational elegant villa with parallel step lightings. The modernistic type lighting design create an exhilarating experience that your guests would absolutely love ideally for parties and gatherings.

Levitating Platform through Glow Lighting

Have you ever seen a deck platform that looks like it’s floating from the surface? You can also apply this to your deck space through using the glowing illusion by hiding the lighting under the platform. Best way to pull this off is make sure that the lighting fixture is not visible to perfectly create that amazing scenery.

Theater Spotlighting on the Dec

As long as you have a deck ceiling, you could easily portray your DIY theater spot light right at your home! You could achieve this using LED Bulbs or you could even use a Directional Bullet and create your  own unique version of spotlighting through this inspiration!

Evening Downtime Warm Lighting

You don’t always need as much lighting as you can. There are some nights that you just need to keep that warm, mellow vibe with friends or family. Using a lantern in these cases is a good idea, and subtle torch lighting for that warm glow would be fantastic to achieve this type of vibe.

Luminous Cove Lighting at the Deck Ceiling

Architectural houses are always the spots to play around with creative lightings and cultivate lighting strategies. Like this picture, you can see that the subtle lighting at the borders of ceiling on this deck to keep things nice, creative and simple.

Classic Path Lighting at the Deck

Using a classic path lighting does an excellent job of adding personality to your whole outdoor deck space. One of the best thing about path lightings is they illuminate a broader scope of space so you won’t have to have too much, especially at night it could be handy for added security.

If You Have Trees, Light them Up!

Christmas Trees aren’t the only one that should be lit up. Suppose you have beautiful trees and plants at your deck that you want to expose more, swirling them with string lights creates a beautiful illumination and effect especially at night time!

Candles, Candles, Candles!

Since we’re talking about lightings, we cannot forget about the most classic type of luminance which is Candle Lighting! Somehow candles are excellent to achieve a mellow, cozy and atmospheric scenery, perfect for relaxation. Make sure to have glassware to protect your candles from air so you could keep that warm glow from these classic lightings!

Deck with Wood Wall Mounted Lighting

Depending on the scenery you’re going for, having the proper amount of lighting does have a lot of impacts. Notice the mellow calm vibe in this deck space with recessed lighting at the top and on both sides of the wood wall. This is an excellent way to have an accessible outdoor space for relaxation.

Subtle String Lights wit Complementary Lampshade

Deck Lightings doesn’t always have to be extravagant. As you can see in this image, having the subtle string bulbs, which are complimented by a warm, simple lamp fixture, already creates an overall cozy environment for your deck space.

Balcony Lights and Luxury Candles

Balconies are great opportunities to light up, especially at night. If you have similar deck space, you could also try incorporating some lighting at the side while topping it all off with some luxury candles to enhance the ambiance.

Elegant Family BBQ Spot

Look at this fabulous well-planned deck barbeque spot ideal for family gatherings and house parties. As you can notice, the house owner only used a few lighting fixtures to achieve this look. Strategically positioning three recessed lightings at the deck roof was already enough to illuminate the whole outdoor space perfectly.

Strategic Positioning of Deck Uplightings

Deck Lights are well known for their versatility and the thousands of different ways you can place them and achieve a very different look. Like this example, uplighting walls carefully allows him to create a shadow illusion on the side, which is perfect not just for functionality but also for your place’s aesthetic feel and vibe.

Bunggalo Vibe Warm Lighting

Planned a vacation trip and kept getting canceled? Why don’t you bring the journey to your house! Quickly achieve this bungalow deck vibe through the use of warm lighting on each side of your outdoor space. Simple additions could make a lot of difference when it comes to the design and feel of the area.

Roof Uplighting Scenery

Want to illuminate your space without creating too much glare? Try out this style of lighting. The homemaker simply applied directional lighting and directed the fixture upwards to create this subtle roof lighting. These are mostly done by hotels to provide convenience and lovely ambiance for their guests.

Vibrant and Glowing Pond Deck

Having a deck pond is the ultimate opportunity to achieve a mystical feel for your whole space. There’s something about lighting up water from the inside that creates a beautiful illusion that will make you calm and create beautiful scenery for you and all your guests.

Parallel Pendant Lighting Deck

What a beautiful spot you can achieve with such minimal lighting fixtures. Like this strategic parallel pendant lighting fixture. It creates a warm, intimate glow, ideal for gatherings and relaxation when you want time by yourself. You could also place them a little farther than each other if you prefer a more evenly proportioned illumination for the whole area.

Lit Up Corners for BBQ at the Deck

Corner spots are also a great way to start your beautiful deck makeover through lighting. This is the best way to light up your space, especially if you don’t have many yet fixtures to work on. Corner walls do a great job distributing the illumination throughout the area, perfect for mellow parties and gatherings.

Deck Villa Vibe with Hanging Bulbs

Ever wonder if you can turn your house into that vacation villa you once stayed for before and had a great time with? Bring out the inner vacation villa from your outdoor deck space by incorporating subtle yet elegant lighting magic. Just like this image, you could also achieve a cozy spot for coffee and tea!

Deck Night with Pagoda Lights

If people say you’re going to need a lot of lighting fixtures for your deck, especially at night, they probably haven’t tried using Pagoda Lights before. As you can see in the image, the simple addition of two perfectly placed pagoda lighting is more than enough to create fantastic scenery and make your whole deck feel alive!

LED Light Balls through Deck Stones

Decorative lighting such as LED Light Balls could make so much difference as well when it comes to your whole deck space. Notice it’s appropriately placed through the stones on the side and creates a subtle glow for better ambiance and decoration.

Accentuate Your Trees through Uplighting

Trees are great, so why should you keep them hanging out there without giving them their time to shine? Simple highlighting your trees through up lighting fixtures gets the job done for your deck space and might even separate your deck’s whole vibe to others.

Lightings on the Side Deck

The evening downtime with your closest friends will be so much fun if you have this type of subtle lighting on the side of your deck flooring. When you look from afar, you notice that it creates a fantastic levitating deck illusion, making everything so much more peaceful and lovely scenery.

Multicolored Bulb Fixtures on the Deck

When it comes to home decoration, and in this case, deck-oration, there’s no reason why you should stick to only one color. Yes, it’s easier to have a particular shade of glow throughout your space, but if you can pull off multiple types of hues that go well with everything, why not, right?

Hanging Flood Lighting

Flood Lighting fixtures are highly versatile and functional all at the same time. Suppose you find yourself using only a few fixtures on your deck space. In that case, an excellent way to maximize your resources is through the use of an illuminating institution with an outstanding widespread to cover a whole lot of space, and floodlighting works efficiently well in those cases.

Recessed Up Lighting On Stone Fixtures

There’s just something about the texture of stones that makes them uniquely beautiful, and it’s a perfect opportunity to highlight for your outdoor space. Say you have large stone fixtures on your deck space, placing recessed lighting at the bottom near it would create a subtle illusion like what you can see in the image, and it just makes everything look a whole lot better.

Downlighting Textured Stone Walls

Another way of approaching stone walls is Down Lighting. You can use spotlights directional lighting and mount them at the deck roof near the side of your stone walls. This adds texture to your outdoor deck and achieves warm scenery like no other. Capitalize on your house’s edge and light up your textured stone walls!

Deck Vacation Spot Lighting

Bring the vacation into your home deck space by incorporating gentle spotlighting and directional lighting to accentuate your whole area without creating too much glare. Even a tiny outdoor deck space could become a lovely intimate scenery with proper lighting tweaks, such as how they did it in this image.