Landscaping and Lighting – A Match Made in Heaven

Landscaping and lighting.  You think they would go hand and hand when you buy a new home.  Well, not always.  Sometimes the lighting around a home may need a face lift, or a fresh start, or a total make over.

The fixtures may be out dated, or they may not even work.  The foliage has possibly grown over light fixtures and needs to be trimmed, and the walkway may be hard to see at night.  Whatever your needs, it’s time to ask yourself….”So where do I begin”?

First Things First

The first step is to take an analysis of the surroundings.  What is essential to the appeal of your home?  What do you want to make sure is illuminated at night?  What are the immediate needs?  What elements need to be replaced and/or updated?  And what is the budget to make these types of improvements?

It may be helpful to the overall imagery to take pictures before you start a lighting project.  Take pictures of your home during the day and at night.  In your photos, you will notice first-hand some of the items that will need immediate attention.  Those beautiful flowers during the day that give your home its luster are hidden at night.  Placing lighting in strategic areas will illuminate these types of features.

Lighting Ideas

Here are some lighting ideas you can easily implement today to your own outdoor landscape space!

Solar Lamps on Walkways

The walkway to the entrance of your home can be brightened by adding something as simple as solar lamps every 5 to 10 feet along both sides of the pathway.  Solar lights are cost effective as well as durable and can last up to 6 to 8 hours each night.

All-Night Lighting

You may want the option of all-night lighting and you can purchase landscape lighting kits online, or at a local home improvement center.  If your budget allows, hire a professional for both the overall lighting design and installation.

Backlighting Trees to Create Glow Illussion

As for lighting large trees or bushes, install lights behind the trees to create a nice back light look, which highlights the tree without overdoing the design.  This will allow for some shadowing and give texture to the lighting design.

Incorporate Wall Scones for Decoration and Ambiance

Wall sconces are good on either side of the front door, while giving a nice ambiance to the entryway.

Hanging Lightings from the Trees

For festive lighting, hang string lanterns from the trees. These can be interchangeable to match various seasons, or social gatherings, and gives the property a special artistic touch.

Wrapping Up

Lighting the outside plays to a certain mood to the design of your home.  It can be subtle, bold or simply elegant.  Whatever your personal style, designed lighting creates an inviting element to your home, while increasing its value and safety.