How to Improve Your Landscape and Curb Appeal – Fast

When you’re in the process of selling your house, putting your best foot forward is imperative to seal the deal. So many people focus on sprucing up the inside of their homes – fresh paint, staged furniture, new fixtures – but many forget to ramp up their landscape as well.

Sure, people mow and trim before a showing, but many people neglect to overhaul their yard in preparation for the event. Fortunately, you can employ some simple tactics to whip your yard into shape before house hunters come knocking on your door.

Sprucing Up Your Plant Life

When you’re getting your to house ready for a showing, first clean up any overgrown grass and weeds on your sidewalks by using a weed killer and an edger. Remove any vegetation you find between sidewalk cracks as well.

After you mow, apply a weed killer to your lawn. This will keep it looking green, uniform, and tidy while you are showing your house. If you live on wooded land, rake stray leaves in your yard and remove the leaves from your property before people arrive.

Even if it’s too chilly to plant flowers in your beds, you can still add a splash of color with flowers in containers. Buy vibrant pots that match or complement your house’s color scheme, and fill them with cold weather-friendly flowers to display during showings. Hang some planters around your porch area and place others on the ground around your property. To preserve the life of your plants, bring them inside when you’re not showing your house.

Don’t neglect stray tree limbs. Grab some hedge trimmers and polish your tree’s appearance by cutting away any low-hanging branches. Remove them from your yard when you’re finished and don’t forget to store all your tools before buyers show up.

Other Aesthetic Improvements

Your yard isn’t the only thing that needs polishing. Get the family together on a Saturday to clean all the gutters and windows on the outside of your home. Scrub decks and porches, then use a weather sealant to make them look new again.

Next, it’s time to pull out the pressure washer and give the entire house a thorough once-over. Once you’ve conquered the sides of your home, hit the driveway to wash away dingy oil stains and dirt.

After your house has drip-dried, scout the premises for spider webs and remove any you find. Finally, use a small can of paint to touch up your home’s trim. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a little paint can make. Check that all exterior lighting is in working order and that every light fixture is in good condition.

Remember, potential buyers will make a value judgment about your home before they even walk inside. Even if the inside of your home is exactly what they’re looking for, the outside may leave a negative impression strong enough to kill the deal. That’s why a weekend of dedicated cleanup may just be the thing that sells your house.