How to Choose the Right Tree Removal Service for Your Landscape

Even the most skilled landscaping “do-it-yourselfers” know when to call in the professionals. Consider this scenario: The morning after a particularly rough storm you are sitting in your kitchen with a hot cup of coffee. Your gaze floats to your perfectly manicured flower garden, and as soon as your eyes hit the buds, you scream. A massive tree branch has fallen right on top of your beautiful roses.

Infuriating, yes, but it does happen. Anything from storms to simple overgrowth can turn this hypothetical scenario into a grim reality. To prevent such an occurrence, inspect your trees routinely for ominous-looking branches. If you find any, calling a tree removal service is the safest way to remove the offending limbs.

Simple Tips to Follow When Hiring a Tree Removal Company:

Do Your Homework Before You Hire

It’s important to shop around before settling on a tree removal service. Ask people you trust for recommendations. In the case of a bad storm, chat with neighbors who also had tree limb damage to find out which company they are using to clean up the mess.

If you need a different route, the Internet is your one-stop resource. We live in an age of endless information, which means that service providers have much greater accountability due to public customer reviews. Create a shortlist of tree removal companies in your area and search for each one by name. Look for any public Better Business Bureau reports or negative reviews on websites. When you find a couple of trustworthy companies, dig a little deeper into the research.

Cover Your Bases by Checking Credentials

Never hire a tree service that demands you pay in advance. Choose a service with references you can independently verify, and opt for a company that offers free estimates before they begin their work. If the estimate sounds ridiculously high, get a second estimate from a competing company to verify that the quoted amount is legitimate.

A written contract, licensure, and proper insurance coverage are “must-haves” for the tree removal service you choose to hire. Check for licensure and request to sign a written contract with a clear description of the job to be performed along with the quote for the work. In addition, tree removal work is very risky, so ensure the company carries good liability insurance to protect yourself, the workers, and your property.

What Methods They Use?

Finally, ask the tree removal service about the method used to ascend the tree. Stay away from companies that employ climbing spikes. These can dig into the cambium of your tree and damage it severely – sometimes beyond repair. The company you choose should ascend trees using an aerial lift or ropes to protect the trees from damage.

Selecting the right company for your tree limb removal job will ensure you have a good experience and that your tree is removed quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely.

Wrap up.

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