Where to Begin with Patio Landscape Lighting

A patio is an extension of the home, a place where children play, family gathers and birds come to find shelter. Your patio is a piece of your home even though it is located outdoors. You should feel about your patio the same way you feel about your home. And the best way to bring the comfort of home to the outdoors is with the right patio lighting.

The greatest patio lighting is evident when the sun starts to set and the moon emits a soft glow on your landscape. This is the time for your patio to shine. Don’t simply choose whatever you think will function in the space. Consider your patio another room of your home and treat it the way you would a new room design. Recognize how a little lighting can create for you the backyard oasis of your dreams. With only a little effort, a lot can be accomplished.

Don’t just install some lights. Create an experience.

If you are dedicated to spending some time on your patio lighting, put together a plan to map out your thoughts. Browse magazines and websites and cut out your favorite spaces. Gather inspiration from your neighbor’s landscapes (don’t be a peeping tom!) and compile your designs into one place so you remain organized.

Don’t get overwhelmed during this step. Some homeowners think they should devise complex architectural blueprints and as a result, they become overly confused. Create your plan according to what you know and stay in the moment. The experience should be fun and enjoyable. Any information you gather will be not only helpful to you if you are installing the lighting yourself, but also to a professional who will not know your style had you not performed this step.

Your plan should consist of the following:


Yes, you need to consider the budget. You may not be able to afford the landscape of the stars, but you will be surprised by how elegant your patio will look with a few simple additions. Stay within your budget so you don’t have buyer’s remorse. You can do a lot with a little if you just do your research.

Lighting type

Determine what type of lighting you want to add to your patio. The first step is to know the function of each light. For example, if you have an area you want to be highlighted like a climbing rose bush or a decorative lattice fence, a spotlight will illuminate it nicely.


If you are not a professional, you may need to consult with someone who knows how much power you have and what you are willing to spend on your monthly electric bill. If you want to install the lighting yourself, you can use solar-powered lights which are easy to install.

With a little elbow grease, you can transform your patio into a backyard beauty. Remember to plan your strategy first, set a realistic budget, acquire the help of a professional and take your time. The end result will definitely be worth it.