Perfecting Your Front Yard Landscape

Do you care more about how you look from the front than from the back? Most people pay more attention to how people view them from the front. Women beautify their faces with makeup; men shave and dress to their liking and people generally want to make a good first impression when people look at them.

Your front yard is the “face” of your home. It gets the most visibility and represents the style and charm of the entire home. If the front yard is beautiful, one will expect the entire yard including the home to be equally as spectacular.

While the backyard landscape is important to beautifying a home, the front yard is equally if not more important because it is seen by every person who drives by, walks by, or visits your house. The front yard is less functional and geared more towards the aesthetic because it is so visible. For this reason, it is wise to think about landscape design that matches the beauty of the home and takes it up a notch on a sophisticated scale.

How to make a great front yard first impression

Special Features

Depending on your personal style, choose special features to enhance the look of your home. Flower beds provide color, interest, and an overall welcoming feeling. Surround flower beds with decorative elements or borders, and build walls with pavers to keep the sections clean and manicured.

Walkways are another great choice to add interest and style to a front yard landscape. Use flagstone or pebbles to lead people from the front to the back yard or around the side of the house. Add a formal walkway leading to the front door and flowers to both sides to allow a visitor to feel like he/she is making a grand entrance.


Fences are a great way to add another level of security to your home while adding an aesthetically beautiful element. If you have pets or children, or you want to plant climbing foliage, the fence is a solid choice.


Lighting puts the icing on the cake and elevates your front yard from normal to fabulous in seconds. It also promotes a secure house at night and wards off intruders.

Look closely at the natural light of the moon before you make your lighting selections. The moon emits a soft illumination and casts shadows in different areas. Try to imitate this glow with your lighting and avoid spotlighting anything too heavy even if it is a central feature. Study how the moon illuminates through trees and across flowers and bushes and continues that same light to unlit areas.

Brighter Illumination

Pay attention to certain areas that may necessitate brighter lighting. Focal points such as large oak trees and decorative elements will “pop” with stronger illumination. Walkways, paths, and driveways will also need brighter lighting so visitors and household members can park and walk easily to the door without struggling to see.

As long as your front yard is safe, the sky’s the limit with what you can do. Remember to keep it clean, manicured, and stylish. Avoid excess clutter and add the design elements that will make it stand out from the crowd.