Your guide to the ultimate outdoor holiday light display

It’s December 1, which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to get those holidays lights up for the season! Those planning to have a cheery outdoor light display know that it takes time to organize and orchestrate where everything will go, so our pointers in the guide below are designed to help motivate you with some easy tips and tricks. 

Phase one: The planning phase

Whether you hunt online for inspiration or simply snap a photo of your surrounding area to carefully review at a later time, before tackling your outdoor holiday light display, it’s always best to make a plan to avoid any surfacing issues. For example, what types of lights do you currently have versus are there any outdoor LED lights that you need to purchase to complete your vision? 

We recommend that you look at your home or business from a decorating perspective:

  • Observe from a wide-angle view: Not only does looking at your area from a larger perspective help you to see all of its structural elements, but it will also allow you to consider how the trees and foliage surrounding it should be decorated for the occasion.
  • Catch a glimpse of your roof: Count your roof peaks. Are there any eaves? Do you have gutters or shingles? All of these little details are important elements that if lit up can completely make your break your holiday light display. 
  • Account for your landscape, walkways, and driveway: Whether you have a large hedge, an abundance of bushes, or a single tree, outdoor LED lights will help you to illuminate these alluring features. 
  • Examine the porch and front door: Covered porches, entryways, columns, railings, stairs, and/or doors all look memorizing when lit up for the holidays.
  • Never forget the power: When planning where your lights will go it’s important to consider where the power will come from. Walk around your home or business surrounding area to identify exterior outlets and be sure you have a transformer to supply the amount of energy needed. 

Phase two: Choosing your outdoor LED lights

Whether decorating outside for the holiday season or simply putting multi-purpose lights on display for the dark months ahead, LED lights should always be at the top of your considerations for a variety of reasons:

  • More vibrant
  • Use less power
  • Last longer (an investment for multiple holiday seasons)
  • Great, multi-year warranty

Now that you understand why outdoor LED lights are the best choice for holiday lighting, it’s time to select why types of lighting you will need to bring your vision to life. Shop various Christmas-inspired varieties such as icicle lights, rope lights, and classic net lights. However, for those that want outdoor LED lights that can be used for the holiday season and beyond, be sure to shop path-area lighting, directional lighting, and LED garden lighting for a vast selection of illumination options. 

Phase three: Taking measurements and installing

It’s time to revisit that virtual sketch you took of your home or business in phase one and get out a measuring tape and/or ladder to begin safely measuring your outdoor areas. Once complete, you will have gathered the appropriate information to start shopping for the fixtures and bulbs that will complete your festive look. 

The best part about shopping with Best Pro Lighting is that whether you need a single bulb or 100+ bulbs, you will receive the same great price per unit.

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