Maintain the curb appeal of your home or business once winter hits

One of the best things about living in a place with changing seasons is that we’re prepared for whatever the weather can throw at us, even when it comes to maintaining a welcoming curb appeal for our residential and commercial properties. Whether the winter season makes you feel festive or you prefer to hibernate away, there are a few ways you can create an eye-catching exterior with minimal effort. 

Add functional lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the most important features for your home or business this time of year. Since days are shorter combined with rainy, snow-covered grounds, a warm glow provides just the right amount of illumination needed to light up your building. Thanks to outdoor LED lights, you can improve your visibility by installing some downward flood lights, durable path lights, and some must-have step-deck lighting to ensure function in your outdoor lighting scheme.  

Get some new house numbers 

While your home or business address might seem like such a small detail, it can make its mark with some added style that kicks up the curb appeal. Often overlooked, address numbers flourish in the summer due to natural light but are harder to see in the fall into winter months. Take pride in your home by investing in large numbers that complement the rest of your vibrant entrance and be sure that they are well lit with outdoor LED lights to make it easy for guests to find your home.

Paint your front door 

In need of some late fall, early winter DIY projects? Nothing quite pops the appeal of a front porch or business storefront like a fresh door paint job! Not only will it look extremely vibrant after your first snowfall but all the seasons to come when you select a hue that compliments the natural elements of your home. Keep in mind that most outdoor paints require at least three days of 12-degree weather to cure properly, so your days to paint are dwindling. 

Which of our above suggestions have you added to your list? Drop a comment below to share.