Steps to enjoying your deck this autumn

If the temperature change wasn’t your first clue that summer is over, perhaps darker evenings might be a stronger indicator. That said, it’s time to embrace all things autumn, including vibrant fall outdoor lights that bring indoor comforts to your favorite outdoor spaces. While the months to come are sure to have you spending more time inside, with the right upgrades and maintenance, your deck transforms into the perfect area to continue enjoying the fresh air. Here’s a look at what you can do to fall in love with your deck space this October. 

What maintenance needs to be done? 

Each season brings varied temperatures and precipitation levels making maintenance a must for outdoor spaces. Nevertheless, before you chip away at your deck’s upkeep, some other chores need to be completed. 

    • Pack away anything that you won’t be using: Summer furniture, planters, and accessories are an example of items that might not see a lot of use during the rainy months, especially if these items are made of fabric material. All of the above items are a magnet for drifting leaves and debris, so if you don’t have an awning or durable covering, consider putting them in storage to pull out for sunny days. 
    • Clean fallen leaves: This might seem like an endless task but it’s important to clean leaves as they fall to avoid them decomposing on your deck and staining it to the point where it will be challenging to wash off in the spring. 
    • Wash and rinse your deck: Bad weather is on its way, so if you want to feel cozy out on your deck this fall into winter, we recommend giving it a good wash with a mild cleaner. This not only extends your deck life but also helps to extend its appearance as well. 

Now that you’ve completed a few chores, we’re onto the maintenance:

  • Waterproof your deck: If you live somewhere that sees lots of rain this time of year, it’s worth it to choose a vinyl membrane for your deck’s surface so that it remains attractive and easy to clean in the future. Vinyl deck surfaces should be installed by a decking professional to ensure that the performance and workmanship remain consistent with what is required through the warranty. 
  • Consult with a decking professional: If decks aren’t your trade, it’s affordable and easy to speak with a carpenter or other type of decking specialist to ensure that the integrity of your deck will last another season.

Ready to install some fall outdoor lights?

Now that your deck is clean and waterproofed, it’s time to explore the options you have for fall outdoor lights. Aside from the standard step-deck fixtures that sit flushed at the edge of your decking or atop each stair, you can consider directional lights for spotlighting, path-area lights for added guiding on the walkways, and well lighting for other surrounding areas. 

Do you have any additional questions about deck maintenance or fall outdoor lights? Please drop them below for a prompt response.