3 reasons outdoor light fixtures belong on your commercial property

Commercial properties are filled with lights for a variety of reasons—safety, security, ambiance, and activity—and with fall right around the corner, it’s important to ensure that your building and the entirety of your property possess enough outdoor lighting. See below three reasons why commercial fixtures are a beneficial investment and visit bestprolighting.com to gain access to the best options on the market. 

Commercial outdoor lighting increases accessibility 

Do you own a commercial business that operates within the early or evening hours of the day? Not only does commercial outdoor lighting provide a much-needed change to the dull exterior of your building’s surroundings but it’s also a great way to ensure accessibility during seasonal hours where there’s a lack of daylight. Many outdoor fixtures are needed to help easily guide your employees and customers to each entrance and point of interest. Also, in terms of gaining foot traffic, a lack of lighting will make your shopfront hard to spot and deter customers from stepping inside. 

Commercial outdoor lighting elevates security

While it’s important to use illumination as a means for patrons to easily find you, it’s equally as important to use it to deter unwanted visitors. This is one of the most common reasons that commercial property owners update their outdoor lighting schemes. Whether it be the potential for car break-ins in a dim light parking lot, the chance for an assault on an employee walking to their vehicle post-shift, or vandalism to the building’s exterior once everyone has gone home for the night, outdoor lights are designed to cover a wide vicinity of the area around them, and when combined with multiple types of lighting, they help to protect your property and all those who step foot on your premises. 

Commercial outdoor lighting keep your energy bill down

Since top-selling commercial fixtures are offered as vibrant LEDs, they’re indeed more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. Even if you choose to replace your current lights with LEDs and then add extras to the other dark areas of your outdoor spaces, you will still pay less on your monthly bill to light up the same area pre-LED. 

What are the most common outdoor lighting fixtures that can be found on commercial properties? 

Now that you know how commercial lights work to benefit your property, see below for a list of the most common types of fixtures to invest in for the above three benefits. 

  • Floodlights: Also known as directional lights, floodlights are a great source of illumination. They can be directed towards a specific area to highlight something important (a restaurant sign) or used as a security measure for generally dark areas (underground parking garages). 
  • Path-area lights: These post-like fixtures are mainly used to highlight walkways, but they can also be used to highlight greenery features or to illuminate an area such as a patio or deck. 
  • Step-deck lights: Not only can these types of fixtures be mounted on steps to highlight them for safety purposes but they also mount to the ground to illuminate other obstacles or obstructions. 

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