Are you ready to maximize your outdoor space this summer?

Patio season means something very different to city dwellers! In fact, many condo balconies are not used to their full potential and are overlooked because of their size. However, if you’re okay with investing time and creative energy into your outdoor area, you can transform even the tiniest space into an urban oasis that will be the envy of your building. With a little planning and the right outdoor elements, you can breathe life into your space, and here’s how.

Light up your space

While many homeowners and rents will opt for a few sets of string lights to liven their small spaces, there are many other types of outdoor balcony lights that possess the power to create a relaxing atmosphere. Since there are seemingly endless ways to work with fixtures to create a welcoming, depending on the vibe and the amount of light you want.

Here are some popular outdoor balcony lights that will bring a touch of whimsy to their surrounding area: 

All of the above lights are durable, functional, and practical, allowing you to play them on your balconies siding or among your plants, hedges, and shrubs for a beautiful, aesthetic effect. 

Add some outdoor rugs and faux greenery

Cover up your concrete surroundings by adding a colorful, textured rug to the floor of your balcony space. After all, a pop of color is the perfect finishing touch to ensure that you’ll enjoy spending more time utilizing the area. To top it off, we also recommend some faux greenery privacy panels for your railings to give you that added brilliance while also deterring lookers from peering into your garden oasis. 

Don’t forget the bistro set for entertaining

While a balcony may not be a large gathering space, it can be a cozy one when it’s equipped with the right elements. So, whether you want to host a comfortable dinner for two or simply have a cushioned seat for your cat to bask in the sun, grab yourself an outdoor bistro set that best matches your theme and boasts the beauty of your minimalist space.

Are there any elements that are a must on your balcony area? Please drop them in the comment section below.