How to create a welcoming deck or patio for your summer entertaining

After the last year and a half of restrictions around seeing others, the world is ready to entertain again, and if you have the outdoor space to do so, there’s no better time than summer. As high-end lighting specialists, we understand the need to show off your space, which is why we’ve included some layout and lighting tips to help improve your outdoor areas for any upcoming entertaining. 

Focus on the layout 

Whether you plan to host small or large groups in your outdoor space this summer, it’s important to consider the layout of the area if you’re hoping to do lots of entertaining. That being said, It doesn’t matter if your space consists of a patio, balcony, or sun deck, all of the following areas need to function well for dining and provide enough comfort and maneuverability for guests to walk around easily. 

Here are some elements to consider for your outdoor entertainment layout:

  • Try to use a space that’s flat: Terraced levels, whether it be on a deck or patio, make it difficult to fit a dining table, BBQ, or other typical outdoor items that are most often utilized during gatherings. 
  • Light up your entertainment area: Not only does light provide a great ambiance for entertaining, but it’s dangerous for outdoor areas to lack adequate lighting, making it difficult for guests to see where steps, deck edges, paths, and obstacles may be. 

Be sure to integrate lots of outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights, such as low voltage path lights, create a welcoming ambiance and add safety to your entertainment space. So, before throwing an event, consider how much light your guests will need to navigate the area. Since most outdoor lights are low voltage, they can easily plug into a standard exterior outlet, which makes them easy for all homeowners to install. 

Here are some lighting styles to consider for outdoor entertaining: 

  • Low voltage step-deck lights: These fixtures can be embedded into the trim of your stairways or into the foundation of your deck.
  • Low voltage directional lights: These fixtures can be mounted to the side of a building, tree, or post or even installed on the ground and pointed upright. They are generally used to light a large area or highlight something in your garden. 
  • Low voltage path lights: These fixtures can illuminate your walkways or simply be installed at the edging of your deck or patio as a vibrant aesthetic to highlight your entertainment area. Low voltage path lights are usually purchased as a safety fixture but many homeowners love their diverse selection!

Whichever type of light you select, be sure to read some reviews and purchase accessories such as wires, transformers, dimmers, and timers for the ultimate comfort within your outdoor entertainment spaces this summer. 

Are there any other ways that you would upgrade your outdoor area before welcoming some guests? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.