5 reasons why proper lighting improves health and safety in the warehouse

Regardless of the type of industry you service, proper lighting helps to improve safety for workers and protects the health of your business operation. While warehouse businesses are forced to follow lighting standards, we recommend that you go above and beyond when it comes to illuminating your workplace areas. Aside from reducing eye fatigue and promoting a more energetic work environment, adequate lighting also helps to prevent unnecessary workplace incidents due to lack of visibility. Continue reading to uncover the top five reasons we recommend LED warehouse lighting

Why does good lighting improve the safety in a warehouse? 

When it comes to safety, it’s essential to have the correct lighting conditions for any work environment. 

That being said, here are five reasons that good lighting will help to improve your workplace:

  • Reduces heavy equipment accidents: Every warehouse environment contains a variety of heavy equipment to make it easier and more efficient to move items about the large space. With everything from forklifts to cranes, each machine must be handled with care, as one wrong move can result in injury or serious damage to the warehouse, which can cost the business a lot of money. That’s where proper lighting makes a huge impact. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) sets the standard for warehouse safety and requires at least two lumens of visible light per square foot. So, it’s best to start by measuring your space and select the best types of LED warehouse lighting to brighten up the area. Remember that obstructed vision increases the risk for heavy equipment accidents whereas sufficient lighting promotes smooth workplace operation. That being said, injury isn’t the only type of workplace disaster. Many warehouse accidents that have resulted in death were due to overstacked inventory or the pressures placed on heavy machine operators to load/unload inventory quicker. 
  • Reduces work errors: Adequate lighting creates a workplace environment where fewer mistakes are made due to limited visibility. Since most warehouses have some form of dark corridors or shadowy corners that make it challenging for maneuverability, it’s important to illuminate these spaces to prevent workplace errors. After all, how can you expect employees to read labels or navigate cramped spaces without enough light? Even if they manage this transgression, chances are they will take more time to complete the task due to lack of light. 
  • Reduces losses and damage to property: While mistakes can be expected in most industries, your warehouse’s deliverability of goods is what promotes the growth of your thriving business. This means that the contents within the warehouse space are essential for business operations, and damaged goods due to low visibility are an avoidable expense. With adequate LED warehouse lighting to brighten up your working space, employees can see their surroundings better, which means they’re less likely to misplace or break products. 
  • Cools down your warehouse: Anyone who’s worked in a warehouse space knows how hot they can be when machines are running or during the summer months. However, depending on the lighting fixtures you use, many emit added heat which contributes to the internal temperature of the area. Poor bulbs also cause temperatures to fluctuate, which negatively affects employee productivity, concentration, and mood. This adds to the likelihood of them making mistakes or jeopardizing safety within the workplace. LED warehouse lighting runs at a much cooler temperature than traditional halogen or CFLs which reduces the temperature and energy consumption. 
  • Protects worker’s health: Not only does poor lighting affect the mood of your employees but it also puts strain on their eyesight. While this damage may not be permanent, long-term workers suffer from migraines, making it harder to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. 

Which reason above motivates you the most to install some LED warehouse lighting? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.