Outdoor lights that are essential for winter safety and security

Aside from winterizing your lawn and garden, have you considered adding exterior lighting to the dark areas around your property? Not only can outside LED lights help to improve your home’s curb appeal, especially against the reflection of fallen snow, but it also improves the safety and security of your outdoor space. Keep your yard illuminated all winter long with these outside LED light fixtures! 

Path lighting to prevent slip-and-falls

While your walkways will need some routine maintenance, like ongoing snow removal and de-icing, it’s through the installation of high-quality light fixtures that you will safely navigate your property this winter season. Whether you have a dimly lit pathway, driveway, or garden perimeter that could potentially pose a hazard, it’s best to invest in some outside LED path lights as soon as you can. While we may not be having many guests over because of the pandemic, postal works (and even yourself) have the potential to trip, slip, or fall under concealed conditions, such as uneven pavement or a planter. In these situations, it’s often due to darkness and inadequate lighting that someone may fail to see a curb, and/or even step up/step down along a slippery walkway. Needless to say, while most homeowners invest in outside LED path lights for safety purposes, they also possess an alluring charm that can be enjoyed from your window once the sun goes down. 

Directional lighting to deter unwanted visitors

Just because there’s a stay-at-home order this holiday season, doesn’t mean that the burglars scouting your neighborhood received the memo. So, as an added measure to prevent your home from theft, or even the potential for vandalism out of boredom, consider some high-quality directional lights to deter any unwanted visitors. 

Choose from styles including modern bullet and floodlight style and either stake your fixtures into the ground to up-light a dark area or fasten to the siding of a structure and cast a large beam by swiveling into your direction of choice. Not only are you brightening up your outdoor space as a peace of mind for crime, but you’re also able to enjoy the added illumination as an aesthetic masterpiece.   

Step-deck lighting to highlight parameters

Just because most of the winter season we spend our down-time living in the dark, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your backyard when the weather is ideal! Contrary to popular belief, some places don’t get as cold as others, and with the appropriate outside LED lights (alongside a sturdy awning) you can enjoy the vibrance of your outdoor spaces from the comforts of your deck. Aside from the fact that popular step-deck lights provide a delicate ambiance that boasts winter relaxation, they also work as an added safety measure. Be sure to install your light fixtures to highlight the surrounding parameters of your deck and while you’re at it, add some additional light sources to your stairways to brighten up each step and enhance the safety of this outdoor space. 

Pond lighting to outline frozen areas

Ponds are considered a rather glamorous addition to your home in the warmer months, but with sub-zero temperatures leading to excessive ice build-up, these water features can pose a safety risk to yourself and any others spending time on your property. While it may seem like it’s easier to rid yourself of the hazard by draining your pond come winter, if you take the proper precautions to winterize it, there’s no reason to go through the hassle. Simply give it a good clean, trim back any plants, add cold water bacteria, turn off the pump and add some pond lighting to the parameter to keep company off of your water feature. While we don’t recommend keeping pond lights submerged year-round, they’re incredibly sturdy and durable, so if your pond doesn’t completely freeze over, they can remain underwater for the duration of the winter season. 

What type of outside LED lights does your property need this winter? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.