Common types of landscape lighting and how to use them

Landscape lighting has the power to take your outdoor spaces from basic to embellished, but undertaking a new lighting project for your home can be an intimidating task. Since there are various types of outside LED lights that can be used to highlight and improve the safety of your landscape it’s always best to view your yard at night to first see what types of fixtures would be best for illuminating your property. Oftentimes less can be more, which means that after you select your favorite details you are then able to research how to create contrast, intrigue, and drama, incorporating safety and security into your well-lit space. 

What do you want to light within your landscape?

Before you purchase high-quality, outside LED lights to brighten up your outdoor spaces, there are some things you need to consider:

  • Which elements of your yard do you want to prominently identify? It could be a pond/water feature or even a stately tree. Highlighting these areas with light will really help to show them off at night. 
  • Do you want to add some drama to areas that don’t stand out as much during daytime hours? For example, a simple stone wall doesn’t have much to offer, but at night with some lighting accompanying its shadow, a whole new personality can be created. 
  • Have you considered function? Your deck, stairs, and pathways should always be lit so that you can move about your property without risk of injury. 

What types of outside LED lights can offer you all of the above and more?

Once you establish the purpose of your lighting upgrades and the goals you’re hoping to achieve with fixture installation, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the various types of lights that might brighten up and secure your properties’ landscape. 

  • Directional lights/floodlights: This category of outdoor lighting possesses embellishing fixtures that beam or spotlight a specified area. Once installed, you’re able to aim and adjust your fixture to project and highlight whole areas, architectural details, and landscape features, which enables safer surroundings and better overall visibility. 
  • Well lights/inground: This category of outdoor lighting typically markets circle-shape fixtures that install directly into the ground surrounding your walkways and/or driveways. While well lights heighten the visibility and sophistication of your yard, they also possess the ability to illuminate larger structures and create silhouettes dependent on their placement. 
  • Path lights: This category of outdoor lighting is typically the most purchased, as it can make or break the safety of your outdoor areas at night. Path lights, while basic, act as perfect light markers and easily approve your curb appeal while making your walkways safer. Best Pro Lighting’s outdoor LED path lights are sturdy and made from materials that resist corrosion and wear, which will enable your outdoor LED lights to last for years to come. 
  • Step deck lights: This category of outdoor lighting is often used to accent the architectural features of both your backyard and front yard staircases and the outline of your deck. However, safety is also an element that draws in homeowners, as they can provide passage to the areas that surround your entertainment spaces. 
  • Pond lights: This category of outdoor lighting, while specific, is very similar to directional lighting. However, instead of spotlighting areas of your yard, you’re spotlighting your aquatic features. The best part about investing in this fixture is that its dexterity and design allows it to be submerged in water, adding dramatic elements to all your watery, outdoor features. 

Outside LED lights are the new standard in terms of landscape lighting, with low operational costs and durable longevity that can’t be beat, more and more homeowners are taking advantage of their luminescence. 

Which features are you most excited about highlighting this fall? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.