5 ways to prep your outdoor spaces for fall

Make things easier for yourself next spring by proactively taking advantage of the even-tempered conditions of the fall season before the ground fully hardens during the winter months. Even though leaves are starting to change, the growing season hasn’t fully wound down and there are some still some necessary preparations that are needed in the realm of outdoor maintenance, including gardening upkeep and the installation of outside LED lights

Fertilize your lawn

Did you know that you should be fertilizing your lawn four times a year? While quarterly fertilization guarantees that you’re flaunting the best grass on the block, you can still have a beautiful lawn if it’s only enriched once a year — as long as it’s three weeks before the last mow on the season. Be sure to ask an expert at your local garden center for advice on the best fertilizer blend for your fall grass type and local soil conditions, as this will allow the season to provide energy and nutrients for your lawn’s roots to multiply in the cooler weather, storing food for the winter and encouraging a growth spurt after dormancy next spring. 

Not a fan of raking up autumn leaves? Consider investing in a mulching mower to shred dry leaves into tiny flakes that will settle into the grass and decompose into natural fertilizer! 

Drain and detach your garden hose

Many homeowners neglect to drain and detach their garden hoses for the winter, which usually results in freezing water splitting the hose open. So, instead of making it a habit to find a cheap replacement every spring, why not invest in a high-quality hose this fall before the weather gets too chilly? Unsure of how to drain your hose for the winter? It’s quick and easy. Simply blast out the water with an air compressor and stretch it out on a sloped yard or driveway to drain out the water! 

Save your tender bulbs

For those who don’t already know, tender bulbs are plants that develop and grow from fleshy structures and which are unable to survive a cold winter outside. Since many gardeners treat tender bulbs as annuals, allowing them to die off each season, why not be the connoisseur who overwinters them, keeping them fit and healthy until you can replant in the spring? To make things easy, plant tender bulbs into containers, whisk them into a cool storage area and sparingly water them so that the soil doesn’t dry out. 

Clean your gutters

While the clearing of gutters should be an ongoing chore throughout the year, fall cleaning should never be overlooked, as wet autumn leaves tender to formulate in the spouts causing blockages and damages to the gutter and roof. So, if it comes down to it, we recommend taking a plumbers snake to pull out clumps of wet leaves and debris to avoid future clogging situations. 

Install some outside LED lights

Although there’s no harm in utilizing the power of outside LED lights year-round, fall is the best time for outdoor light installation, and the most useful season to start taking advantage of the LED vibrance. Whether you shop step-deck fixtures, directional lighting, or durable path lights, all types of illumination options are designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing look, alongside a safe, functional presence that will brighten the darkest outdoor spaces, making it safe to maneuver when the sun goes down. Don’t believe us? Check out the vibrancy of these customer reviews

Do you have any other tips to offer homeowners for the arrival of fall? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.