How to go about illuminating your outdoor space

Your outdoor lighting design should possess equal parts form and function, with outside LED lights that have the power to transform the nightscape of your property and its surroundings. Just like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting should also serve as a functional necessity, meanwhile, a decorative element that adds character and ambiance to your home. So, if your front yard, backyard, porch, or patio could use some new lights, follow these tips from the pros at!

Determine the mood that you want to set 

While the use of light helps to make an area feel more spacious, it can also balance various elevations of illumination to create an enjoyable ambiance. Whether you add clusters of outside LED lights to your paths and gardens or hang a vibrant spectacle like pendants from the trees, outdoor light fixtures have the power to give your entertainment spaces a beautiful, lively feel. While it isn’t essential to have the appropriate lighting when dining al fresco-style, once the sun goes down it becomes a  fundamental requirement for enjoyable merrymaking. In case your pathways and steps are lacking illumination, it’s also important to provide an ambient perspective that considers safety! Enjoy Best Pro Lighting’s soft, warm fixtures and shop for the most natural-looking lights on the market. After all, candlelight pairs perfectly with an aesthetically designed outdoor lighting scheme. 

Consider which type of lighting meets your needs

Before venturing online and becoming overwhelmed with the selection of outside LED lights and low voltage fixtures, it’s important to think of the exterior of your home and what type of lights could be installed to create the look you’re going for. 

Those wanting a neat, symmetrical look that’s balanced and finished may choose a fixture with a shape that’s timeless and can work beautifully with a variety of architectural styles (ex. square floodlight or classic, half-moon step-deck light). On the other hand, different metal finishes can also create very unique looks, and if you’re the type of homeowner who likes to stand out from the crowd, weathered brass or rust fixtures offer a pleasing contrast with white, residential exteriors and welcome a dynamic first impression. 

Create a sense of place 

While outside LED lights and fixtures offer both dramatic and decorative elements, outdoor lighting can also create an inviting atmosphere that can help you to establish a sense of destination for a structure, architecturally, or materially. Do you own an appealing wooden shed? How about a pond, fountain, or alluring water feature? While some lights help to establish base illumination levels, others possess the ability to uplight or downlight a specific area or item, which can create an overpowering spotlight that accentuates and defines its surroundings. However, be mindful when you’re integrating light fixtures within architectural designs, as they should be accessible for maintenance and replacement purposes. 

Can you think of any other bright ideas for illuminating your outdoor spaces? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.