How to choose the right outdoor lighting fixtures

outside landscape lights

outside landscape lights

Before you can determine the type of outside landscape lights you need for your surrounding areas, you will first want to have a look at the varieties that are available at your fingertips when you shop at With everything you need to brighten up your porch, walkways, and entertainment spaces, your new fixtures will offer some added character, personality, and earthy mystery in addition to captivating your eye-catching landscape.

What types of outside landscape lights are there to choose from?

Floodlights come in three different styles, including traditional bullet landscape lights, modern low voltage lights, and LED directional lights, with the choice to hang them onto the side of a physical structure or stake them into the ground to uplight a garden space. Whatever way you choose to display your directional lighting fixtures, be sure to spotlight the featured color of your choosing with black, brass, rust options offered.  

Not only do path and area lights have the largest selection of fixture types, but they’re arguably the most visually appealing type of outside landscape lights. Choose a classic mushroom light design, a contemporary 3-tiered pagoda fixture, or some LED small hat lights to line your property’s pathways. 

Step-deck lights are current, stylish fixture categories that come fitted with a standard circular shape and are finished using neutral tones offering the option to choose between LED or incandescent bulbs.  

Well and pond lights are not suited for every garden space, but they do possess functional and aesthetic features that make them a favored outside landscape light. Aside from having fixture options that are water-proof and fully submersible within your ponds and water features, they also can be installed in-ground among rock beds, garden beds, and within the walkways made from concrete, brick, gravel, or any other materials to provide a gorgeous ambiance. 

Why buy outdoor lighting?

It’s important to know the benefits of outdoor lighting before you seek out the type of fixtures to align with your outdoor lighting scheme. 

Here are three reasons that home and business owners consider outside landscape lights around the surrounding areas of the property: 

  • Outdoor lighting adds curb appeal and welcoming touch. 
  • Outdoor lighting creates a unified look, especially if installed symmetrically. 
  • Outdoor lighting adds safety and security to doorways, patios, and walkways. 

What’s the purpose of this outdoor space?

Now that you’re familiar with the type of fixtures available and the purposes that they can provide you, the next step to choosing the perfect fixtures for your outdoor space is to determine the purpose of the areas you’re wanting to light up. For example, is your outdoor area going to be used to entertain guests? Will there be a play area for your kids? Do you plan on using the space as a reading nook or workout area? Asking yourself to determine the purpose of your outdoor space will help you to determine the type of fixtures that may be needed to acquire the vision you’ve laid out for the area. Activities like evening yoga don’t require the same amount of lighting as using the area to host a book club meeting, so be sure to consider all possibilities when you’re adding lighting fixtures to your online shopping cart. 

What parts of the yard need more light?

Some people are visual learners and will gain a better understanding and scope of a situation if they create a rough sketch of their outdoor space. Put pen to paper and draw your outdoor layout, including areas like walkways, garden features, existing structures, and entertainment spaces (patios, fire pit, greenhouse, etc.) Determining your needs by pondering which parts of the space need more light is a great way to go about finding out how many fixtures will be needed. Whether you want to highlight the dark corners of your property, create a highlighted masterpiece of your garden from afar, or simply provide a sense of security to your guests when they manoeuver from the front of your property to your backyard, a mixture of fixtures can be combined to give surrounding areas a rich, layered look that’s proportionate and beautifully lit. 

If you already own some outside landscape lights, drop some benefits you’ve discovered with your current fixtures in the comment section below. Let’s have a conversation.