Stay at home this summer and make the most out of your backyard space

While some restrictions of the pandemic are starting to ease, the reality is that most of us are living in areas that feel far from normal, and will likely keep us home for the majority of the summer. Although, staying home doesn’t have to be a drag when it’s so incredibly easy to make the most out of our space by enjoying more time outside. Those who’re lucky enough to have a little bit of property will be able to sunbathe and BBQ from home in the coming months, however, here are our suggestions to help you make the most out of your outdoor surroundings. 

Start by tidying up

Regardless of whether you’re the type that usually spends time in your backyard space, there’s no arguing that the summer months are best spent outdoors. So, if you’re hoping to get the most out of your weekends all season long, you might want to consider tidying up to accommodate for activities and small gatherings. 

Just like your home, your garden and its surroundings need a little decluttering now and then, and the best way to combat tidying up is to get rid of possessions you’ve outgrown while clearing away the dead debris that has built up around your garden beds and trees. Once cleared away, you can refocus on creating a space that’s summer-ready by investing in clever storage solutions, seasonal plants, and even some outside LED lights with the capacity to liven up your area to reach its full potential. For those with smaller spaces, consider using walls or trellises to grow your garden upwards and enjoy the effects that wall-hanging pots bring to the ambiance around you. 

Make an outdoor “room” to sit cozy in

Not everyone possesses the delightful advantage of having a sunroom or stationary awning, so if you’re hoping to anchor your family by having a staycation in your yard this summer, we recommend creating an outdoor “room” as your cool-down extension of the home. 

Try to think of your outdoor spaces as an additional chamber of your home. To embrace and spend more time in these areas, you’ll want them to be breezy, functional, and oh-so-cozy. Whether this includes building a spot for your little ones to play in, creating a soft-seated den to enjoy the relaxing view, or simply making room for a section to sip your morning coffee, your outside surroundings have the power to become your new, favorite lounging spaces. 

While redecorating your veranda or raised patio you can create the ultimate, purposeful oasis by investing in items like outside LED lights and oversized cushions. Considering comfort as the most important aspect of your redesign, you’ll be able to guarantee family fun by creating an atmosphere that enhances the cozy vibes of the indoors. 

Who knew that a summer spent in your multi-functional outdoor areas could be so rewarding?

Have you already locked in some time off for your staycation this summer? Drop a comment below to let us know about your plans.