3 things to consider before switching to LED lighting

Several benefits allow LED lights to overshadow traditional halogens, including their low-maintenance upkeep, their vibrancy, and their energy-efficiency. Nevertheless, while homeowners have been easily persuaded to make the cost savings switch before you go ahead with your commitment to LEDs, it’s important to consider why you want these types of lights, where you plan to buy them from, and if they possess the appropriate luminesce for your desired outdoor project. 

Do you admire the luminescence of their design?

It’s hard to not adore the high lumens that are exhibited by a brand-new LED bulb, especially when you’re used to the drab shine of a typical incandescent. So, while many homeowners find themselves drawn to the higher-power of white-emitting brightness that’s conducted by LEDs, they also prefer this energy-efficient option because of its selection and variety of shapes and sizes.

Outside LED lights are great for your garden and your yard’s surroundings, offering an aesthetically pleasing vibrance, as well as some added safety and security features to your area. To say there’s some variety is an understatement, as LED lights are offered in the form of bullet lighting, floodlighting, mushroom lighting, pagoda lighting, small hat lighting, in-ground well lighting, submersible pond lighting, and even the popular step-deck fixture. So, if you want modern luminescence combined with a charming design, you’re ready to start shopping for some outside LED lights!       

Make sure to check manufacturer reviews

Now that you’ve decided that outside LED lights are the right alternative for your desired lighting style, before committing to bulk purchases, we recommend researching your selected brand to check for quality defects and recalls, and sort through the most recent customer reviews available to determine if there are problems with the products or services from that vendor. 

Consider if obstructions will hinder your objective

Now that you love the idea of grabbing some outside LED lights and have successfully found a supplier to purchase from, before randomly selecting items based on your new-found excitement, consider which spaces you’ll want to brighten up. Does the front porch need something more inviting? Are your walkways a hazard? Do you want to show off your freshly planted flower beds? If you want to enliven all of the above with some vibrancy, ensure that there aren’t any obstructions that may hinder your projects. If you have an abundance of patio furniture, thick greenery, or large structures between your back window and your desired locations, the visual interference may lead to disappointment in the type of lighting you select. So, consider this in your ordering preparations and if your space is small and full already, perhaps you should favor fixtures that can be installed off the ground to take advantage of the light source. 

Are you ready to introduce some high-quality lighting to your outdoor spaces and if so, which type of LED fixture is a must for your garden? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.