Why the sun is the best power for your outdoor lighting

Most people know that the best time for natural outdoor lighting, is of course, during summer. But if you’re looking to add some additional warmth to your garden, solar outdoor lighting can be a great choice. Choose multi-colored bulbs for a fun and welcoming look, or opt for standard white bulbs to light your garden path or decorate the outside of your home.

The great thing about solar outdoor lighting is their ability to charge during the day and release energy after dusk, giving you a hassle-free view of the night sky.

If you’re wondering about the specifics, batteries in solar lights tend to last up to two years, and it’s also important to keep them clean. One of the main reasons people choose them over other light sources is because they get all their power from the sun, of course, free of charge.

Once fully charged after a day of sun, they should last between eight to 10 hours. Bear in mind that solar lights may need a little extra charging when used for the first time, but once warmed up are strong enough to light your garden path and illuminate your outdoor space.

Solar outdoor lighting is not only minimal effort and maintenance but is also quick to set up.

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Will Lift Up Your Mood

For some, summer is their favorite time of year. Warm weather, wonderful company and barbecues every weekend if you’re lucky, and if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s a great time to get your garden looking great. Outdoor lighting enhances your garden and helps your garden shine, and in this blog post, we’ve put together a few outdoor lighting ideas to help uplift your mood this summer.


A Pinterest favorite of ours, this summer you don’t need a real fire if you don’t have the equipment. Simply arrange some wood in a basket and dress it up with a string of pretty fairy lights. Perfect for parties!

Door Lighting

Adding lights to your door not only make your home more inviting, but give a warm and sophisticated feel too. You could choose to either add spotlights or give definition to the pillars by adding some back lights.

LED Rope Lighting

Not only are LED lights longer lasting and more cost efficient, they can also be shaped according to your need in the form of light ropes. Why not use as a way to highlight the pathway leading from your back door to your garden, or alternatively as a way to greet guests at the front door up the driveway?

Object Lighting

Adding lights either inside your garden objects or around them is a great way of highlighting your garden’s best features and adding some definition and shadow. If you have a hollow object with cut outs, LED lights work really well on the inside, as do fairy lights.

What are your favorite outdoor lighting ideas? Share them with us in the comments below