How to plan for a lively lawn all year round


With the most important lawn care season upon us, we have prepared our top tips to ensure your lawn is looking lush from fall to summer.


  • Trim grass shorter and mow less often. The last cut of the year should be in late fall.
  • Rake leaves and shred them using a rotary mower before adding them to the compost.
  • Aerate using a fork or aerator to spike the lawn. This allows air to circulate at the grass roots and breaks up compacted soil.
  • Overseed lawn to reduce competition from weeds and give grass a headstart.


  • Stop mowing when grass stops growing for season.
  • Clear leaves and other lawn debris before first frost. This will help the grass from picking up any diseases and also it can be used in your compost bin.
  • Avoid walking across snow-covered grass. This can cause localised puddling, compaction and the blades of grass can become bruised, which will allow frost in, causing brown scorching.
  • Winterize underground irrigation system to minimize the risk of freeze damage.


  • Apply fertilizer in late-May/early June
  • Repair bare patches
  • Start to apply a treatment for killing off the weeds and moss. Treatments should be applied as per the products on packet instructions, this will ensure you achieve the best possible results.
  • Test sprinkler system and make any necessary repairs


  • Maintain weeding regimen. Weeds such as clovers, and daisies, usually need spraying to remove them, although this should be avoided during periods of drought.
  • Fertilize late in the season
  • Water more often using an irrigation system or manually with a garden hose. This will keep the lawn looking green during a dry summer.
  • Keep grass slightly taller for more sun protection

4 DIY Fall Decorations for your Garden


As much as we love summer, there’s something about fall that gives us all that warm, fuzzy feeling and makes us want to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee. And you can create that same comfort outside your home, as well as inside. We’ve searched the web and found our 4 favourite decorations that you can create for a cosy garden this fall.

Although traditionally made up of old clothes stuffed with raked autumn leaves, if you’re looking for a slightly more subtle decoration for your garden, why not create a different kind of scarecrow? Walmart’s helpful guide shows you how to make one from unused plant pots.

If you’re an avid gardener, chances are, you’re currently growing some kind of fruit and vegetable in your space. If you have an apple tree, Home and DIY enthusiast, Shayna uses the fake kind for her DIY Apple Wreath.

Nothing says we’re in autumn more than a pumpkin carved and lit on the porch, but if you feel like creating something a little different, why not try carving a mumkin? It’s the perfect alternative to a regular plant pot this fall. Have a read of Southern Living’s how-to guide and create your own.

Although not strictly for the garden, there’s no reason you can’t use a living room center piece for the garden too. Fill a trio of Mason jars with wheat stems, add an orange rosette, then place in a wooden crate for the prettiest fall decoration. Get the tutorial on Oh My! Creative.