Low-water landscaping tips for the summer

Photo by Sandy KoepkeSummer is here! If you’re thinking about doing a landscape makeover and want to look into a low-water alternative, here are a few ideas to help you plan a lush garden that can thrive with very little water.

To minimize water waste, place plants in groups according to their light and water needs.

  • Take advantage of the latest trend in succulents and add some semprevivum to your garden.
  • Choose a variety of plants native to your area or drought-tolerant plants such as catmint, lantana, veronica, sedum or Russian sage.
  • Add a dry streambed using rocks to line a trench and create the look and feel of a water feature but with no water at all!
  • Go for lawnless landscaping, using poured-in-place concrete pavers for a modern look.
  • Add a non-plant focal point such as a Japanese-style bridge, a large rock or stepping stones.
  • And don’t forget to add carefully positioned directional lighting.  

Who said a water conservation garden has to be reduced to a cactus and gravel? Visit your local garden store for more ideas, and don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative!


Landscape lighting ideas for the BBQ area

Time to fire up the grill for some delicious barbecue! Good outdoor lighting is a must for the outdoor chef or griller. It makes cooking out easier by providing the kind of focused task lighting you need to gauge cooking times. Appropriate outdoor lighting also ensures safety for every one. This way your party doesn’t have to end when the the sun goes down.

Below are few ideas and tips to help you brighten up your barbecue space for the summer.

New West Classic
Photo by Clay Construction Inc.

Step deck lights can provide the much needed safety around stairs in the evening light.

Tropical Landscape

Our round step deck lights have a sleek clean look and provides a warm light spread that can be added to any area.

3013 NE 9th
Photo by Donna Wax, Architect

The uplighting technique achieved by pointing a few directional lights to the plants and trees around the barbecue area can extend that summer evening feel throughout the night.

Classic Patio Renovation
Photo by Olive Branch Integrated Outdoor Design

Strategic lighting at counter borders and ends provides a subtle elegant look.

Serene Backyard in Surrey with Fire Pit, Eating Area and Built in BBQ
Photo by AZURO Concepts Inc.

Lastly, path area lighting can be used to highlight radial areas for steps, features and walkways.

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