8 Beautiful Garden Lighting Projects

A good landscape lighting project has the power to enhance outdoor spaces, by taking control of what is seen. With directional lighting, for example, we can create focal points in some areas while adding a touch of mystery to dark areas. We can also play around with color and texture by using different kinds of bulbs in different areas. Below are a few examples to inspire your garden lighting project.

mushroom light on a garden pathway
Image: diynetwork.com

Play around with the location of pathway lights to add interest. By placing some in the middle of the garden bed and others closer to the path and by varying the distance between them you can guide the visitors eyes down the path.   

beautiful garden lighting reflecting on water
Image: MIKI Yoshihito on Flickr

Mirroring is a simple technique that can be achieved by adding accent lights on the far side of a body of water, across from the viewer’s point. In this case, the accent light should be bright enough to outweigh the moonlight and there should be no underwater lighting.

cherry blossom and lighting on the outside of a house
Image: telegraph.co.uk

Discrete lighting and fixtures can add depth and color to a garden without overwhelming the view.

lighting on an outside patio
Image: houzz.com


Mixing uplighting fixtures with strings of glow lights can add a festive mood to your garden patio.

Image: houzz.com
Image: houzz.com


Uplighting is the most common way to emphasize  trees,  adding scale and drama to your garden. Also note that different types of fixtures and bulbs will produce different results.

underwater pond lighting
Image: naturallivingmag.com


Underwater lighting can be used to emphasize the shape of a pool and looks great, especially for geometric designs like the one in the picture above.

mushroom outdoor lighting on a garden
Image: coolshire.com

Just because step lighting is a functional requirement does not mean that it has to be boring. Using the same lights for both garden beds and stairs can do the job and save energy.

Image: fydeo.com
Image: fydeo.com

With a few low-powered bulbs, you can achieve enchanting visual effects by shadowing small plants onto walls or other vertical surfaces.