How Landscape Lighting can Help your Home at Night

Whether it’s a Hollywood box office hit or an award-winning advertisement – it’s all about lighting. Light and dark – the two ever-entwined – can give you a magical effect when you learn how to use them. If you’re wondering how to give your home an external makeover without spending a lot of cash, consider these “light” ideas that give “heavy” benefits to your property:


Definitely not the least of a homeowner’s concerns, security is a big issue in this day and age. And outdoor landscape lighting can give your home the kind of security that the White House enjoys at night. Well, not quite, but it helps deter the more cowardly burglars from attempting a heist on your hacienda. Statistics (and common sense) show that well-lit houses are less likely to be targeted than dark, convenient homes. Why make it easier for thieves to slink undetected around your property?


This is security’s blood brother, but it’s more related to being able to move around safely on your property at night. When you have kids or beloved pets, that factor is multiplied to the nth degree. Who wants a big, sprawling yard that Rover can’t prance around in at night without fear of knocking over the garden gnome?? Lighting up your landscape can prevent injury as effectively as it can provide security.


A lot of people think of outdoor lighting as an aesthetic addition to their home – and rightly so. It’s your home and it deserves to be seen.. So flip that switch and see your personal kingdom turn from frog to fairy prince in the blink of an eye! A well-lit house can actually improve the dollar value of your home – if you’re more inclined to look at the monetary benefits of a home improvement project.


Outdoor lighting is at its functional best when you get back from a hard day’s work and your kid says “Hey, let’s shoot some hoops.” When that happens – and it will – you don’t want to be shooting blind. A well-lit yard makes for great one-on-one quality time with your up-and-coming NBA star! Besides, you won’t have to go scrambling around in the bushes in the dark after an out-of-bounds!


Of all the reasons you would want to light up your property at night, this one takes the cake. If you have a nest you put your life’s hard work into building, it deserves to shine when everything else is dark and quiet. In fact, your house needs to be screaming “LOOK AT ME” when people drive by at night. Why would you want to own a beautiful home and only have it visible for 12 hours a day?

If these 5 reasons aren’t enough to make you want to run out and buy yourself some outdoor lighting, then…well…as Carlos Santana so eloquently said: “Put your lights on!”




A Pot by Any Other Name

Whether you have a large garden or a small veranda, you can always be creative with how you bring “green” into your home. One of the best ways to do this is to use potted plants. They are easy to maintain; they beautify, and most importantly, they give life to any space. Remember with plants that many factors come into play while caring for them-moisture, light, soil mixture, temperature, humidity, fertilizers, potting and pest control.

Here are some fresh, fun and easy ideas for container gardens. Create charming, little spaces that are easy on the eyes and fun to craft.

Face It

Use an old bucket and get a sticker of your favorite celebrity or your kids printed on vinyl. In place of the hair, change their looks by giving them funky hair dos as the plants.

Use Shoes

From gumboots to old crocs, used shoes are a great way to brighten up your garden and outdoor spaces. Once you put your plant in a pot, pop it into the shoe and let the leaves gracefully fall out. Remember to take the pot out of the shoe when watering, especially if you choose to go with a gumboot.

Shape UP

Different shapes of terracotta pots assembled together look great! Place them on a garden ladder or some garden stools to show off the plant. Stick to simple colors to keep it looking stylish.

Tire mix

Get some used tires and paint them in different colors. Place them on top of each other and line the bottom with some wood. Take your potted plant and place it on the wood and have the foliage fall over the tires. Most people use blooms for their container flowers, but foliage is an excellent way to fill your containers with outstanding or rather distinctive visual interest.


Get creative and let your imagination run wild. Plants will grow anywhere, provided they are given the right light, soil, water and nurturing. Think about the idea of a car as a pot that makes a nice back drop for your home and will be a great piece to talk about when you host your garden parties.

Plastic Fantastic

Take some used plastic bottles and cut open the sides, put in some holes on the top and thread through some rope. Use these as pots to hang on your veranda or outdoor garage.


Using tea pots and old kettles is a creative way to pot plants. Keep them in a cluster in a sunny corner to brighten up the garden. Keep these at arm’s length as kids playing in the garden can cause them to break.

Try out edible plants

Combining ornamental and edible plants is by no means a new idea. Nor is the concept of the kitchen garden. In the past, gardens were both decorative and productive, but for a while, we seemed to lose sight of this, regarding gardens as something pretty to look at or chiefly somewhere to entertain. This idea is currently shifting. So, why not try a few edible plants on your hanging or potted ‘gardens’?

Whatever you choose, your garden will always look great if you give it the care it needs.