Landscape Lighting for Oceanfront Homes

Ah, life on the beach. Owning a piece of oceanfront property is a fantasy for many people, and for good reason. The sound of the surf, the warm, salt-infused breeze, the feeling of sand between your toes – there’s simply nothing like it.

People who are actually living the dream tend to concur, but routine home repairs and landscape maintenance are nevertheless a necessary evil—even when you’re living in paradise. The moonlit ocean is often landscape enough for your beachfront home, but many people opt for landscaping and landscape lighting anyway. When they do, it transforms the space from pretty to perfect – and the upgrades increase their home value in the process.

The right lighting for your oceanfront landscaping is an essential component of the added aesthetics. Plus, the drama created by using the right lighting will make your home almost as breathtaking as the waves that lap nearby.

Choose the Right Materials

It’s important to make sure you select the right fixtures and accessories for your outdoor lighting projects. Remember, the salty sea air affects lighting fixtures and components on beaches differently than outdoor lighting in other climates.

First, when you’re choosing fixtures for your oceanfront property, make your selections based upon durability and resistance. Materials such as brass and copper are not very resistant to wind and storm damage. If you want to go for longevity, stick with bronze lighting fixtures. They’ll last for years, and they have an understated appeal that won’t look garish or take away from the magnificence of the ocean. Plus, as the bronze wears, it will take on a naturally worn veneer due to the sea salt, and the rustic charm will complement your property beautifully.

The right kind of transformer and wiring is imperative to successful oceanfront beachside landscaping as well. It’s important to protect the electrical core from the ocean spray and moisture-rich air, which is why a transformer with a potted, resin-sealed core is the best for your property. Seek out a transformer with a stainless steel enclosure for the best protection from the coastal climate.

Stage the Right Mood

It’s vital to protect your landscape lighting from the elements, but it’s equally important to accomplish just the right glow outside your home. Don’t use high outdoor wattage lighting. Instead, make sure the bulbs you select are of the soft, low-wattage variety.

Strategically position your lighting fixture choices using equal spacing throughout your property. Accent any bushes or shrubs with lights situated at the base of each trunk. If you have pathways or sidewalks, try lining smaller fixtures along the areas for safe nighttime strolling. For patios and decks, spread fixtures evenly along the length of the outside perimeter to create soft nighttime ambiance for parties and quiet nights outdoors.

A great trick is to situate your lighting to allow a subtle view of the ocean. Position some of your outdoor lighting fixtures on landscaping elements, and others pointed toward the waves. This will create a beautiful aura that will highlight the natural beauty of the ocean as well as your oceanfront home.

It doesn’t take much to create stunningly lit landscaping by the beach. The ocean is already the most attractive element of you home – show it off with a little highlighting and enjoy your outdoor oasis by the sea more than you ever thought possible.