Landscape Design for Peace and Relaxation

It’s no mystery that today’s professionals, parents and hard-working citizens look forward to peace and relaxation after a hard day’s work. With the chaos surrounding kid-filled homes, corporate politics, and financial difficulty, sometimes peace is more than a luxury–it’s a necessity.

Some people find relaxation at the spa, the salon, or the ocean, while others look to their soothing landscape. Homeowners want to create a place in their landscapes where every stress-filled activity of the day melts away like snow on a spring day. They love the feeling of backyard tranquility because it is not only is a place to relax, but it’s also a place that is unique to them because they created it out of their own vision.

If you haven’t transformed your backyard into an oasis, but you have the vision and desire to do so, try some of these ideas and let your creativity take flight.

Fire Pits – Fire pits add a level of cozy to the atmosphere and work well for the homeowner who loves a little warmth. Your fire pit can sit on bluestones or concrete. Use the space to define your personal style. Include relaxing chairs and a small table to hold your book, drinks or any other item. Make sure the space is adequately lit but not too bright.

Butterfly Garden – If you are a butterfly lover, surrounding yourself with these gentle creatures will de-stress while relaxing you after many hard days. Attract butterflies by planting marigolds and various herbs such as oregano.

Water Features – What about a koi pond? Or a gentle waterfall? The relaxing properties of water have been known for centuries. And they are not only peaceful, but they also add beautiful style and décor to any landscape. If you are on a budget, any water feature will do. Larger budgets will allow for decorative fountains, alluring waterfalls, or fish-filled ponds to set the landscape for tranquil nights and soothing experiences.

Scents – Whether artificial scents like essential oils or the real thing such as lavender and jasmine plants, scents have been used in relaxation techniques around the world for many years. If you do not want to plant, essential oils can be diffused to gently flow through the air. Place them around your area close enough to smell but not too close that they overpower you.

Zen Gardens – The Japanese are experts in creating serene outdoor spaces. Rock gardens are highly popular because of their ability to symbolize elements in nature. Set rocks inside gravel and design the sand to look like cascading water rippling outward. Add bamboo trees and plants around the space. They embody simple, yet elegant features that emanate peace and relaxation.

Unique Spaces

Don’t spend too much time stressing over your relaxation landscape or you will defeat the purpose for the project. Your space should speak uniquely to you and what you deem relaxing and inviting. Regardless of what you choose, let your landscape invite you to kick up your feet, take in the sights, and leave the cares of the day behind.