Use Pond Lights to Illuminate Water Features

There is nothing more soothing than a beautiful water feature in a stunning landscape design. Ponds and water fountains grace the properties of those homeowners who desire a reflective surface and a mix of everything nature has to offer.

If you are the illustrious owner of a beautiful water element, you know that lighting is the key to making it stand out to become a key feature in your landscape design. Pond lights are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and they are easy to install. They can be used to illuminate the area from underneath the water or as a reflective ambiance on the surface to provide a stunning view when the sun goes down.

Types of Pond Lights

Choose your pond lights based on whether you want to light a small section of the pond or make it a standout feature. Some homeowners use ponds as accessories and light them dimly to subtly enhance the entire landscape. Others feature water elements and make them the main focus. In these cases, the lights would need to be strong enough to illuminate the entire feature.

For a subdued illumination that lights the surface of the water in a subtle way, select floating pond lights. They float on top of the water and direct light away from the surface while offering a mild glow. These types of lights can also be purchased as submersible LED pond lights. Place them under the water so the light is directed upward creating a unique and slightly dramatic effect on the surface of the water.

Homeowners love LED lights because they last long and are inexpensive to operate due to the low voltage. They also come in many different colors and some offer programmable color settings.

If you really want to highlight a water feature and draw every eye to it, install spotlights. Use them under the water to highlight stunning waterfalls or elegant pond statues. Experiment with different colors to change the look and style of the water. Research the brightness of each light before you purchase so you can match what you want correctly.

Installation Tips

Planning is the first step top any landscape lighting design. Consider first what you envision in terms of style and design. Sketch your plan and include safety limitations, required power and the number of lights. This step is very important and if done correctly, it can save you hours of future headaches.

Uniting water with electricity is not always an easy task. There are many variables to consider from a safety standpoint. If you are at all hesitant or you are a complete novice, consider hiring a professional. If your budget is tight, hire a consultant to help you plan out the details and give you pointers on installing the lights safely. Perform the necessary research beforehand and take extra caution to work slowly.

A lit water feature takes a landscape from ordinary to extraordinary in a short period of time. A few pond lights can make a drastic difference and give you the feeling of landscape luxury you always wanted.

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