Features of the 21st Century Landscape Design

Technology is exploding at an alarming rate and landscape design has been striving to keep up. The 21st century landscaper likes to stay with the times and try new ideas to keep the landscape modern and fresh.

If you are interested in “keeping up with the Joneses” or you are simply looking for different ways to express your creativity, try these modern ideas in your landscape.

Exotic Plants – Landscapers have a love/hate relationship with exotic plants. Some avoid using them because they view them as a threat to native plants. Others use them to deal with unresponsive areas in their yard. For example, if you are struggling to find plants that survive in wet areas, you may find an exotic plant that will thrive and enhance your landscape design. Though most landscapers try to avoid using exotic plants, they look for a happy medium and only use them in specific areas.

Low Maintenance – The 21st century landscaper is more interested in enjoying the yard than maintaining it. Though there are a small subset of homeowners who enjoy the maintenance, most find it irritating and difficult. The web is a great place to find tips to help you reduce your maintenance time and effort. If you are in the designing phase, consider planting low-maintenance plants. Research your local nurseries or talk with a professional about which plants would enhance your landscape without stealing all of your time. And if you have the budget, you can always pay someone else to do the work for you!

Outdoor Dining – Today’s homeowners are transporting their meals outdoors. Eating outdoors is more than a luxury for some families; it is a daily occurrence, especially in warmer climates. The outdoor eating area has grown into full-fledged kitchens, dining rooms, elaborate seating areas, and BBQ pits fit for a king. Whether you own a small BBQ or you have the budget for a luxurious outdoor kitchen, eating outdoors is a major part of the 21st century lifestyle.

Water Features – Water features have been around since ancient times and the modern landscaper is one of its strongest supporters. Water adds an element of luxury to the yard while also emanating a feeling of relaxation and peace. Moving water is also tranquil as sounds of trickling water soothe our souls and calm our minds. Thankfully, fountain materials are now more accessible to the general public. You can build a great fountain by purchasing a simple pump, basin and a fountain piece. Add the water and voila!

Kill the Grass –If you really want to reduce your lawn maintenance, get rid of it! Replace heavily grassy areas with drought-tolerant shrubs and mulch to fill in the spaces. Additionally, shrubs will last throughout the cold winter months and conserve water, which is eco-friendly, another important trend for the 21st century landscaper.

Any of these actions will catapult you into the 21st century or they will just give you more peace of mind. In the end, your landscape has to make you smile and give you a relaxing break from the stress of life.

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