The Top DIY Landscape Design Mistakes

Homeowners are rolling up their sleeves and getting into the “trenches” of their landscape design. The DIY landscape designers are growing in numbers and many are saving money while enjoying the rewards of getting their hands dirty.

Unfortunately, desire and good intentions will not get the job done. Many well-meaning homeowners have every intention of creating a beautiful landscape design just like they imagine. But, mistakes and rookie errors often delay their design or ruin the entire project.

If you are serious about creating the landscape of your dreams, pay attention to these common mistakes and do the necessary research to prevent unwanted mishaps.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

If you are designing your landscape simply to compete with your neighbors, you may not like your outcome. People who are in competitive mode often forget about the important aspects of the landscape design and make errors in the process.

No Plan

Imagine you got in your car and drove away without any thoughts as to where you were going. This seems absurd and so does designing your landscape without a plan. Any large home project needs a plan or a detailed blueprint that lists the location of every plant, light, feature and fixture.

Lack of Knowledge of Your Yard

How well do you know your yard? Does it get a lot of shade? Have any rocky areas? Suffer from summer-scorching sun? You must know every inch of your yard so you can effectively design a landscape that enhances it. You may want a water feature in the right corner, but if the land slopes, you must re-think your plan. Work within the constraints of your property, not against it.

Living Outside of Your Means

Whenever you start a DIY project, pad your budget considerably. Nearly all home projects cost more than what was originally budgeted because unforeseen circumstances always arise. Pay attention to your budget and leave yourself some room. Additionally, don’t opt for expensive, exotic plants if your budget can’t handle it. You can find beautiful, inexpensive options for half the price of some luxury materials.

No Seasonal Touches

Plan to have a year-round landscape that will bring you pleasure even in the cool fall and winter months. Don’t forget about the four seasons when you are selecting your foliage. Many shrubs and beautiful autumn colors can accompany your landscape throughout the fall months and take you right through winter. Research plants that thrive in all seasons so you can enjoy your landscape all year round!

Too Focused on Design

DIY landscape designers often consider style and aesthetic properties first before function. While you can have both in your design, when push comes to shove, function trumps all. For example, if a shrub will make walking through a path unsafe, safety must be considered. Focus on safety and convenience first and build your design around those parameters.

Your landscape design project is your baby and it should go exactly as planned. If you pay attention to the details before you begin and take a little extra time to craft a functional plan, the process will be easy and the results will be stellar. Good luck!

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