Difference Between Warm and Cool Outdoor Lighting

hue light in an outdoor landscape

Color temperature is a critical aspect of any landscape lighting project and can significantly impact the aesthetic and ambiance of your outdoor space. Whether you’re in the planning phase or have already begun your task, understanding the difference between warm and cool lighting will help you decide which is best for your outdoor area.… Read the rest

What to do with my landscape lights after a big snowstorm

Low-voltage landscape lighting makes those cold nights feel warmer by illuminating all the beauty your home and property offer. In most cases, however, winter brings freezing temperatures and snow accumulation, which can be detrimental to your lighting systems. That said, don’t worry.Read the rest

How bright should your outdoor lights be?

Outside house lights are a great way to accent your outdoor surroundings, adding curb appeal with modern designs that uptick the value of an already-beautiful home. That said, before shopping around for the perfect fixtures to brighten up your spaces, it’s important to envision what you want and how to get it.Read the rest