Steps to enjoying your deck this autumn

If the temperature change wasn’t your first clue that summer is over, perhaps darker evenings might be a stronger indicator. That said, it’s time to embrace all things autumn, including vibrant fall outdoor lights that bring indoor comforts to your favorite outdoor spaces.Read the rest

Why you should upgrade your builder-grade lighting

Vibrant lighting is often one of the most overlooked upgrades to the exterior of a home or business. With elements like safety, security, and ambiance in mind, you’d think more residential and commercial properties would possess more than a simple porch light or the odd light-up path fixture?Read the rest

Garden Lighting Ideas


Garden Lightings could be a crucial part of a homeowner’s garden aesthetic. With a touch of creativity and sophisticated ideas, you can achieve almost any look you wish to have for your garden.

Just like fashionwear, Garden Designing is a great way to showcase your personality by personalizing each design and placement.Read the rest